Off to Bangkok and Siem Reap


It has been more than 2 years since I last went on a trip out of the country. After that time and until recently, I just focused on a few local trips due to my work schedule and some other factors.

However, I am breaking this trend and welcomes 2011 with a trip back to where I went the first time. Yep, Bangkok and Siem Reap. This would be my 3rd trip to Bangkok and my 2nd for Siem Reap.

I know I should try to visit other countries within my passport’s reach but I’m still finding the right timing. As for these 2 places, they’ve sort of became my favorite (till I set my foot on new foreign soil). Aside from being able to spend minimally in these countries, I find it very convenient to travel here.

sorting out what goes where

Excited much? Not really. I just finished packing 80% of my stuff last night yet I still haven’t finished packing and it’s just 3 hours more before I head to the airport. I have this splitting headache since I woke up the day before yet I still haven’t slept as I’m again trying to test my limits, i guess.

My friends are actually going to Bangkok to buy some clothes to sell back home and I decided to join them  on this trip. I then convinced another friend to join us. Then another friend also confirmed to travel with us the last minute. Then 2 more were added.

I’m really excited to go back to Siem Reap! This time we get to visit the temples for 2 days. I’m just sad we’ll have limited time in Bangkok. Did I mention I can see myself settling in Bangkok for a few years?

I haven’t finished posting my trip to Bangkok and Siem Reap the 1st time I went there yet here I am travelling to this 2 places again.

I hope this international trip will give me more chances of travelling more (local or international) in the next coming months. I have already February booked for Clark  and March for Sagada/Calaguas (still undecided where to go on this one). April, we’re thinking of Manila for a friend’s going away party. May – December, nothing on my calendar yet.

I hope this trip later will sort of be a “palihi’ to all my future travels this year and the next coming years. 🙂


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