The Travelling Feet Logo

I’m excited to share my website’s new watermark logo.

I was trying to come up with a logo for The Travelling Feet and when I remembered that my friend, Den Ramonal, can sketch, I asked her if she could help me with the logo during our recent trip to Pai in the province of Mae Hong Son, Thailand. And because we are friends, she willingly obliged (otherwise, I would have pestered her if she didn’t) 😆

Den Ramonal and I were former colleagues at work. We became close friends when we travelled to Siem Reap and Bangkok last January 2011, together with our friend Edcel Suyo of I never saw any of her artwork before so when I asked her to help me come up with the logo, I was still hesistant since I didn’t know if I would like what she’ll create. The what if’s started flying in my head. “What if it’s ugly?” How can I tell her if I won’t like her artwork? Those were just some of the questions I asked myself.

When I visited her, 21 days after our trip to Pai, she already had the draft of the logo.

Guess what?

I immediately fell in love with it!!!

Here’s the artwork that Den Ramonal created for the logo of The Travelling Feet. We tried tweaking its color in Photoshop but the original pencil color seemed more appealing, hence, the design below…

The Travelling Feet logo

When I asked Den how she came up with this design, she said she got the inspiration from the Pixar Animated Film, Day & Night.

She wanted to create something that’s in line with my blog. Since I have a travel blog, she wanted to focus on my niche and me at the same time. She originally drew a foot with a backpack but the feet of the foot makes the drawing redundant. She also thought it wouldn’t jive with how I write in my blog since the foot was too cartoony or comical for my writing style.

Den Ramonal

When she saw Pixar’s Day & Night animated short film, she tried drawing one based on the cartoons. However, she didn’t want it to look like a ghost so she adjusted the body frame. She also added a backpack because she saw it as my signature travel must-have. The image’s “on-the-go” stance represented the kind of lifestyle I’m currently living.

The great thing about an artist like Den Ramonal is that she is very flexible. Her imagination will help her create a masterpiece based on the information you give her and based on her perception of you through those information.

If you want to get in touch with Den, you can send her an email at danielleceeline[@]

P.S. With Den’s permission, I might tweak the artwork’s color to match future themes of this travel site.