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Hey there, I’m Doi Domasian. I’m from Cebu, Philippines and I have these pair of itching travelling feet which can’t wait to go out and hop on the next trike, jeepney, taxi, bus, train, boat or plane just to go to new places as well as old familiar ones.

Trivia: If in Thailand Doi means mountain, back home, Doi or Doy (short for Dodoy or Sindoy) is a common monicker for every male specie, young or adult living in the islands of Cebu and Bohol. Day (pronounced as Dai and short for Inday) is the female counterpart.

I was never a writer nor a blogger. I am also not a techie person nor a photographer. But after getting a lot of threats encouragement from friends, friends and friends, I gave in to blogging. I started blogging on a personal blog but haven’t updated that in eons. After some time, I found the need to separate my travel posts, thus creating this space. In here, I chronicle my adventures and misadventures as I travel to familiar and unfamiliar places and brave the unknown.

Whenever I get the chance, I will find the time to document all my travel stories but there are just times that I find it better to keep those adventures to myself. I’m still hopeful though that one day, I’d get to share all of my travel tales as I want to document past trips to have something to reminisce in the future.

Quitting to Travel

In between working on a 9-hr job, I blogged and worked on a few freelance projects at the same time. With the skills I mastered while maintaining my blog sites, I decided to leave the corporate world in 2010 to be free. I wanted to own my time and I wanted to have the freedom to travel whenever I want to. So I quit my job and became a bum, a bum who chose travelling as a vice, a  very expensive vice for the unemployed.

In February 2012, I decided to live in Siem Reap, Cambodia – the place where I called home for five months. I found it very economical to live in that quaint little town. I needed to grow up and I needed to be independent. I also wanted to experience how it is to go on a long-term backpacking journey. Back in 2008, I told myself I’d like to live in Southeast Asia, specifically in Siem Reap and Bangkok, and tour the rest of that region; and eventually the world. I know that it is easier for me to travel to different countries in SEA if I live outside of my country. And that’s what I did.

Deciding to live in SEA is not all fun especially for someone like me who only relied on the income I received from this travel site. And mind you, it’s not even big. Just enough for me to continue living in Siem Reap at that time and get the chance to travel back and forth Thailand whenever I needed to.

After 5 months of living the life of a vagabond, I had to cut my backpacking trip short to go home due to some family emergency and chosen to be based home indefinitely. As to when I’ll start backpacking for a longer period of time again, only time can tell. What I know is I still want to explore the world. But unlike in the past where it seems like I was rushing to collect passport stamps, this time, I’m taking my time slowly in discovering new places.

doi a.k.a. the travelling feet
Oh, here’s a photo of me…and YES, I’m a she πŸ˜‰

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