Postage for Postcards in the Philippines

Jose Rizal Stamps

Update: As of July 2019, the minimum cost to send a postcard outside the Philippines is Php15.00. That is roughly around 0.30USD / 0.26EUR / 0.24GBP.

Someone recently asked me how much does it cost to send a postcard from the Philippines. My answer was 14 pesos. That’s basically the postcard stamp price you need to secure to send a postcard within the country or abroad. The thing is my reply may have caused confusion when someone asked me how much to send a postcard from the same city where I’m in since I do not think that there is a postage stamp of that amount (not sure though). If there’s one, you’d hardly find it.

Philippines postcard stamp pricea 6.56″ x 4.93″ postcard and a 14-peso postage stamp

How Much to Mail a Postcard

Postage for postcards will require you to pay 14 15 pesos (roughly 0.30USD / 0.26EUR / 0.24GBP) provided that you are sending a regular sized postcard. A regular sized postcard ranges within the measurements of 6.56″ x 4.93″. If the postcard you choose to send out are way bigger in terms of the measurements mentioned in here, you’d have to pay for different postcard rates.

Jose Rizal Stampsa 7-peso postage stamp sheet

Postcards cost somewhere between P4 up to P40. I normally settle for those priced at P12 due to their quality and the postage stamps price I stick on the postcards I send out are just those 7-pesos stamps.

In case you do not see any 14-pesos stamps, simply buy two 7-pesos stamps and attach them to your postcards. That’s how you should do it. But if you want to be generous and attach a stamp that’s priced over P14, go ahead and do so! You’re not going to be penalized for it! 😉

Happy Postcrossing!

P.S. This is the postcard stamps price when you send postcards from the Philippines to any country in the world, ok? 😉

2019 Update:

Currently, postcards are priced starting at Php20.00. That is roughly 0.39USD / 0.35EUR / 0.31GBP.

Here are some FAQs regarding your postage stamps questions:

1. How much does it cost to send a postcard?

You need to spend a minimum of 15 pesos to send a postcard outside of the Philippines.

If you are sending a bigger postcard, you might have to pay a higher amount.

2. What is the standard size of postcards allowed?

Regular postcards have a measurement of 4″ x 6″ while some are 6.56″ x 4.93″.

If you are sending a postcard that is smaller than that, chances are the postmaster might ask you to place it in an envelope and be treated as regular mail. The same goes with bigger or giant postcards. It will all depend on your postmaster so be prepared in case they ask you to do this.

3. Where to buy a postage stamp in the Philippines?

Postage stamps can be bought at the main Post Office branches in your city.

There are PhilPost shops in certain malls where you can buy stamps too. I recently bought a stamp at the SM Government Service Express at SM City Cebu. There is a PhilPost center there and they sell stamps. However, the stamps are limited. If you are into Philately and wants to get a wide selection of stamps, the best place to get them is at any main post office branch in your city.

Take note that certain PhilPost offices inside malls do not have stamps. What they have are postage metered stamps. You can choose to send your postcards via metered stamps. The difference here is that a machine will stamp your postcard. You will not get an actual postage stamp. Do not worry though, your postcard will still be delivered to its recipient.

4. How long does it take for a postcard to be delivered?

Postcards sent outside of the Philippines will take 3 weeks to get delivered. Those countries with efficient postal services may take less than 3 weeks, while some countries might take longer.

5. Are postcards sent via door-to-door delivery?

As far as I know, YES, they are sent door-to-door. But this depends on your post office.

I have a bad experience with the post office in my city. I do not receive my post cards. So if you are expecting to get a postcard and 1 month has passed without receiving it, I highly recommend to visit your post office and check if it’s stuck there. Same goes for your recipients too. They can check with their local post office and see in case they haven’t received your postcard after a month has passed.

If you have any questions not covered here, do let me know so that I can add more to this list.


    • hahaha. yeah, it’s so old school using snail mail these days but am actually in it for the stamps! 😉 the 14-peso rate is actually for sending out postcards to other countries po. i guess i have to make a trip to the post office soon to inquire if the same rate applies when sending within Pinas lang 😀

      • Hi, question, san po nakakabili ng mga post cards? And I can only send post cards via post office right? yung nasa Manila? 😀 hopefully you see this haha

        • Hi Toffer, You can buy postcards at book stores nationwide like National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks, etc. You can send your postcard sa mga post offices nearest your area. But I’ve seen lately na meron na ring PhilPost offices or stalls sa mga malls. If you have seen those, pwde mo rin ipadala sa kanila yung postcards mo. Meron ding ibang universities or schools na may post offices. Try mo rin mag send dun.

  1. this sounds so lame but where can you buy stamps in the philippines? do they sell them in national bookstore? :))))

    • hehehe. you can buy stamps at the nearest post office in your area. I’m not sure if NBS sells stamps though 😉
      great to know you’ll soon be a postcrosser! 😀

  2. Hi. Would you know specific brands or other places that sell postcards? Not just the usual ones from the bookstores? I want to find other styles or subjects, kung meron. Thanks.

    Now I know. P14, buti medyo mura lang. di gaya ng snail mail. hehe.

    • hi romina. wala rin ako alam eh. am also looking for a store kahit online where i can buy postcards that are not the same ones found sa mga bookstores. if you find one, please let me know too. Thanks! 😀

  3. Just curious, does anyone know how much it costs to send regular mail within the Philippines? Domestic mail lang. Snail mail is not very common nowadays and have asked relatives there but no one seems to know.

    • Regular domestic mail within Pinas, depends on where it’s going and coming from (besides the weight, regardless of size -applicable lang sa local mail). Minimum is Php9.00. I drop letter at Caloocan P.O., once I sent a letter to Pasay, 9pesos ang stamps na nilagay ng teller. Pero yung for Cavite was P14 ang stamps needed. Best bet, go to ur local post office at ikaw mismo maghulog. Mas mahal sa mga drop-off point ng Philpost sa malls like SM.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Actually the correct postcard rate for foreign airmail to all countries from the Philippines is PHP 13, but it’s usually much easier to find PHP 7 stamps than 13 at post offices. If you use two PHP 7 stamps, you are overpaying by 1 piso. National Book Store does not sell postage stamps, you need to find a post office branch, just ask.

  5. I’m a new postcrosser and I pay PhP13 for a “standard” postcard. Pero konting difference lang sa size (as in super liit lang ng difference… you know those slightly bigger Philippines Postcards), pinagbabayad ako nang PhP40. 🙁 Tsktsk…

    • may standard size kasi ang postcards and if iba ito sa size na yun, you’d be required to pay for a different price. in fact, nangyari na yan sa akin dati. had to pay more for a different sized postcard. hehe

    • you can buy sa mailing posts. meron din sa ibang stores like mail and more and sa Ayala Information center the last time i checked 😉

  6. Hi! I just sent a post card at the Central Post Office yesterday. First time ko, at tinanong ng ale kung saan ko ipadadala, sabi ko sa Pasig lang. She only sold me one 7 peso stamp. Okay na ba iyon? From Manila to Pasig? Thanks! Sana makarating ang post card ko =)

  7. Hi! First time ko magpadala ng post card yesterday at the Central Post Office in Manila. The lady asked me kung saan ipadadala at sabi ko sa Pasig lang, she sold me one piece 7 peso stamp lang. Makararating kaya ang post card ko kahit isa lang ang stamp? Thanks! =)

    • hi lae. i think makakarating sa papadalhan mo ang post card mo pwera nlng kung nawala dahil sa baha. normally if within the city or neighboring cities lang, mura lang ang singil sayo.

  8. Hi,

    Do you have any idea po kung san pwede magpadala ng mura na snail mail? Which is better po (e.g. Philpost, FedEx, etc). Any suggestions will do, thanks!

  9. i have a question, I want to create my own postcards, and supposing that I follow the correct dimensions, would the post office accept it?

      • Hello there po!
        I also plan to make my own post card. If I were to made a 6.5″ by 4.5″, smaller than the usual, I will be charged 14 pesos right? :] Are there any required papers to used? Also, will it arrive if I want to send it to US by 15th this month? Thanks!

        Regards. :]

        • Hi Arielle, not sure if it will arrive in the US on the 15th? but based on experience, it takes 2 weeks to get it delivered 🙂 and so long as it’s not bigger than the normal postcards, the rates will be the same 😉 You can try asking the post office of the normal duration for a postcard to be delivered too 😉

  10. I want to try postcrossing this new year but never even tried to send a snail mail or a card through post office. I”m kinda nervous. Wish me luck. Haha. 😀

  11. hello ask q lang gusto ko sna magpadala ng postcard sa france kasu di ko alam kung paano ? can u help me somew instructions? Ms. Doi .. thanks

    • Hi Jerimae,

      Bili ka lang ng postcard sa bookstore then write your message sa back. place the address of where you will send it. after, punta ka post office and give the postcard to the person-in-charge. sila na bahala dun. you might be asked to pay a minimum of 14.00 depende sa size ng postcard mo. if gusto mo naman stamps ang nakalagay sa postcard, stamps ang bilhin mo sa post office tapos idikit mo sa likod ng postcard bago mo ibigay sa kanila ang post card. you can ask the post office for clarification and help din.

      I hope I was able to answer your question 🙂

    • Hello Pia,

      Thanks for your feedback! 😀 Yeah, sending postcards only cost P13.00 if they use the machine but since there are no P13 peso stamps or P6 (i think), that’s why I normally stick P14.00 worth of stamps on my postcards. hehehe

  12. I use the 10, 1 and 2 peso stamp values when i send postcards. 🙂 All of them were able to reach their international destinations so far. The recipients were also happy because I usually glue 2-3 different stamps. 🙂 Happy Postcrossing! 🙂

  13. Ask ko lang po kung kaylangan pa bang ilagay sa envelope ung postcard? First time ko po kasing mag postcrossing at pumunta po ako sa branch ng philpost kanina. di po nila tinanggap ung postcard na ipapadala ko kasi di daw po naka envelope. Thank you po 🙂

    • Chanel,

      Ngayon ko lang narinig ang issue na ito. Sa pagkaka-alam ko hindi kelangan ipasok sa envelope ang postcard. Pero dapat standard postcard ang ipapadala. Minsan kasi baka strict sila sa mga hand-made postcards. In case ikaw ang gagawa ng postcard mo, make sure na pareha ang kapal ng paper na ginamit sa mga standard postcards. Kung sakaling standard postcard ang pinadala mo at yun ang naging advise ng post office, subukan mo pumunta sa ibang post office kung ganun din ba ang sasabihin sa iyo. Please let me know kung anong magiging resulta. Ingat at goodluck! 🙂

      • Hello, I do postcrossing also and the postcards usually get delivered more or less than 2 weeks. Ive had little to no problem sending postcards as virtually all recipients successfully received it. However, when it comes to letters being sent via ordinary mail, Ive had encountered stressful problems. For example, on Aug 1 2019I sent a letter to denmark,but itonly arrived on the second week of Nov. I still dont know what seems could be the problem and this year on feb 26,2020 I sent a letter bound to Spain and until now it hasnt showed up. Do you think postcards and snailmail get sorted and delivered differently in Phlpost?

        • Hi Janeth, I think postcards and snail mail are sorted the same way. I’m sorry to hear about those delayed mails. It could be a problem with our post office and the receiver’s too. Now that I think of it, probably one reason is also letters enclosed in envelopes are screened for safety and security issues? So, yeah, I guess they are sorted differently too. Anyway, with the Spain mail, I think it got stuck due to the pandemic?

          I wouldn’t advise to send any mails for now since there might be a long backlog from post offices here and abroad.

          When everything goes back to normal (which I’m guessing will be next year), why not try doing an experiment? Try sending 2 snail mails to the same address – 1) a normal snail mail 2) a registered mail. The price for the two are different. Registered mail is more pricey and will require a signature when you/they receive it or something (I think). Try both and see which mail arrives faster. hehe. Goodluck!

  14. Hi Ms. Doi,

    Paano ba process ng pagsend? Hindi kasi ako marunong. May nakikita akong dropbox na mukhang luma na parang hindi naman ata hinuhulugan ng mga postcards. Nag-request kasi yung friend ko na magsend ako ng postcards sa Taiwan. I don’t know how to do it. Hindi ba mawawala yung postcard ko? Or aasikasuhin ba nila yun kung hinulog ko lang sa dropbox?

    Hoping for your reply.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Eli,

      Hindi ko sure if binubuksan pa ng taga post office yung lumang dropbox kaya I would suggest na wag mo ihulog dun ang postcard mo. Ang gawin mo ay ibigay mo mismo dun sa staff ng post office kung saan normal na tinu-turn-over ng mga tao na nagpapadala ng sulat nila. Dun mo iabot. If may nakalagay na na stamp yung postcard mo, idodouble check naman nila yan if ok na. If kulang yung amount ng stamp na nilagay mo, aabisuhan ka naman nila na kelangan ng extrang stamp – paper or machine. If wala pang stamp, sila na bahala maglagay ng stamp – usually machine stamp tsaka sasabihin nila magkano dapat mo bayaran. Basta dun mo iabot sa taga post office mismo ha. wag mo idrop dun sa lumang box 🙂

  15. Hello po. I would like to ask something. Plano ko po kasing magpadala ng letter to Sweden and Germany. Each envelopes po contains a postcard and 1 sheet paper of my letter). How much po ang aabutin noon kasi sabi ng iba is it would be around 50 pesos and up. Thanks po!

    • Hello Areeya,

      Normally if yung paglalagyan ng letter mo ay standard long or short envelope, regular international mailing rates lang ang bayad. Di ako familiar kung magkano. If lalakipan mo ng postcard, just make sure na kasya dun sa standard mailing envelope mo para wala nang extra charge. I think mas magiimpose sila ng ibang rates if different ang size ng envelope mo tapos super kapal din ng mail. Tinitimbang din kasi nila yan if mabigat na. Pero it’s also good to inquire and ask them magkano aabutin ng mail mo. Let me know ano update ha 🙂

      Thank you and goodluck!

  16. Hi Ms. Doi,

    I would just like to ask if do you know any phil post branches in QC aside from in NIA, Cubao and in City hall.


  17. Hi, ask ko lang po kung san ilalagay ung stamp kung may envelope? I’m planning to send sana sa Australia.. Please help me, I really don’t know how to send real mails and sa comments lang din ako nag babasa 🙂 Thank you so much! Please reply.

  18. Hi Doi! Your post was super helpful, thanks! I’ve been sending postcards through swapbot and I’ve been challenged to make my own postcard. Good thing I saw a discussion above na PhilPost accepts handmade postcards. Hirap din maghanap ng non-touristy postcard dito.. Same tayo ng frustration! I’ll let you know pag may nadiscover na ako. 🙂

  19. Hi!Does this still apply until now? I visited the PhilPost website and they don’t show the rate of sending just a postcard so i assumed that it’ll be considered a document with minimum weight of 0.25kg and it costs….. tadaa! Php1271.00 :O

    • Hi Bee,

      The rates on this blog post still apply today. You might want to read the other reader’s comments too for your reference. You can also visit the nearest post office in your area to inquire when you are still in doubt. Thanks for dropping by the site! 🙂

  20. Hi!

    Would you know if it’s reliable and safe to send postcards through the Philpost? I’m planning to send a postcard to Canada and I’m not sure if it’s really going to reach its destination. Also, would you know how long it usually takes?

    Thanks a bunch! I love your post.


    • Hi April,

      I haven’t tried PhilPost yet but I’m pretty sure they are reliable. Usually it takes 2 weeks to get your postcard delivered to Canada. Hope this helps 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by! Would love to hear back from you again after you send the postcard and once your recipient receives it. 😀

  21. Hello po! Nabasahan ko po na you haven’t tried PhilPost yet. So ano po ba ang gina gamit mo para ma send ang mga postcards mo? Btw, bagong postcrosser ako. 🙂

    • Hello Erven,

      I usually go to the regular post office pero I think it’s the same as the came ng PhilPost though di talaga ako sure.

      Congratulations sa pagiging postcrosser mo! Enjoy sending postcards! 😀

  22. Hi!

    Would like to ask if you have info regarding sending Large postcards,I’m planning to send a Large postcard that is sold on National bookstore, I think it measures 21″ x 14″, I’ve visite philpost website, it gives the cost for a document weight .25kg at 1.2k to Qatar, but I’m not sure if that also applies to a Large post card that I plan to mail. I hope you could give me an estimate of how much would be the extra postage, or will It cost me on sending such document.

    Hoping you could help me out, since post office has no weekend schedule, so i tried inquiring here. 🙂
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Cholli,

      Regarding your large postcard, just remember that if its size exceeds the regular postcard sizes, it will be considered regular mail and will be subject to appropriate fees after taking its dimensions and weight.

      Regular postcard sizes are rectangular in size and should be at least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick, no more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick.

      Now based on the measurements that you indicated, parang mas malaki pa ata sa isang long bond paper ang post card mo. So this will not qualify as a postcard but a regular mail/parcel and baka mas mahal mabayad mo. I would suggest you visit the nearest post office in your area to inquire and better bring the post card with you so that they can give you the exact estimate on how much it would cost.

      Hope this helps.

  23. Thank you for sharing this wonderful informations. I am quite relieve that I will not pay more than a hundred pesos. 🙂

    • Hi Kharla,

      What you do mean by international postcards? If you mean how you will receive one, yes it’s door to door. Your mailman will deliver the postcard depende sa address na ibigay mo sa sender mo. To send out a postcard, you just go to your nearest post office and yung postmaster na magsasabi sayo magkano babayaran mong stamp fee. If machine stamp sya, you just need to pay the mailing fee. If paper stamp ang ibibigay ng postmaster, ikaw ang magdikit ng stamp dun sa area ng post office kung saan nagdidikit ng stamp (usually water lang inaapply sa likod ng stamp para mabasa yung adhesive sa likod nun) tapos ibalik mo sa postmaster at sila na bahala mag mail ng postcard. There are times din na sila ang magdidikit ng stamp. It will take probably 2-3 weeks para matanggap ng pinadalhan mo ang postcard mo.

  24. Hello Mam,
    Updated prn pla ung site, d ko pO alam kun gano ktgal ung magsend ng postcard sa poland and russia, pro hanggang ngaun d pa ngpopost sa account ko sa Postcrossing, pang 3rd week na pO. P 26.00 lang ang singil skin sa 2 postcards na pinadala ko. 🙂
    Mrmi ako ntutunan sa blog nio pO, tnx!?

    • Hi. I am planning to send a postcard from Philippines to Poland. But I feel nervous that I might pay a large due. May idea ho ba kayo how much yung rate? Salamat po.

      • Its only 14 PHP to send a postcard anywhere in the world from the Philippines. Sometimes stamps are not available that will add up exactly to PHP 15 so I get the stamps that add up to PHP 15 or 16. If stamps available in the post office do not add up exactly to PHP 14 and you don’t want to spend an extra peso or two, use the meter machine instead. It will print the exact amount.

  25. Thank you for this posting. I kind of miss going to the post office for mail. When I was a kid, the lines at this time of the year would be very long as people would start to mail Christmas cards to ensure it got to their destination by Christmas Day.

    In this email generation, I still like receiving letters and postcards the old fashioned way and seeing all the beautiful stamps from around the world. That is why for the past 5 or 6 years I, too, have been sending out my Christmas greetings in the form of postcards. I am sure those who receive it appreciate the thought as well as the time and effort spent in sending greetings their way — the old fashioned way. And its only PHP 14. I use stamps instead of the meter machine because it adds more character to the mail.

  26. I bought super adorable postcards from papelmelroti. Philippine themed but they look different from the usual. Will post on my IG for you guys to see @paulamvd

  27. Hi. Saan po ako nagsesend ng post card? Meron bang parang Post office dito sa QC or kailangan dun sa post office sa may Manila Lawton area lang?

  28. Hello! You might be interested in postcards from the Philippines available here 🙂 🙂

    Currently (2016), the rate to send a regular-sized postcard is p15. I usually buy a bunch of stamps at a time (when I find myself in the post office during office hours), then drop off postcards for sending in the post box outside the post office of UP diliman. Since the post box is outside the office, dropping off can be done after office hours.

    Postcards usually take 3 weeks to get delivered. Countries with more efficient postal services (Singapore, UK, Japan, among others) will deliver postcards a few days earlier.

    • thank u so much for the info u put here. chineck ko rin po yung tumblr account/link ninyo and you have really great pictures for postcards! i do hope u update your blog ?

  29. Hello ??
    mag sesend ako ng post card sa boyfriend ko actually buti nalang nabasa ko ito agad kasi I’m planning to send ng kung anu anu it will cost to much pala ? yung post card po ba nasusulatan? Sorry bago talaga ako sa ganitong bagay sa mama at lola ko lang sila naririnig before di ko naisip na gagawin ko ? philpost po ba yung nasa mall? Same lang po ng babayaran? Meron ako nakita sa SM malls yung papemerolti ata. Peede po ba yun? Excited na ako ? para sana sa birthday nya kaso late na ? pero okay lang. Haha

    • Hi Rishel,

      Yes nasusulatan yung likod ng postcard pero lahat ng tao mababasa yun kaya ingat nalang sa ano isusulat mo. hehehe. It’s better to write generic and safe messages doon. Yeah, pwde ka sa PhilPost magpadala ng postcard. Regarding Papemelroti, are you referring to the postcards? Hindi ako familiar if may binibenta sila eh pero you can double check with their staff. If normal postcard lang, less than P10 lang ata babayaran mo pero if nakalagay sya sa envelope, i weigh in nila ang envelope if mabigat may corresponding price sya. Subukan mo muna mag test ng isang postcard at i check mo kelan mo pinadala versus ilang araw bago dumating sa kanya 🙂 Goodluck and enjoy postcrossing!

  30. Hi po. Ask ko lang if Im about to send a postcard, should I look for the stamps sa stores and ako na ba maglalagay sa postcard or the post office will do that for me and magbabayad na lang ako for the stamp? And yung postcard ba nakaenvelope or whatm thank you!!

    • Hi Zean,

      You can buy your stamps sa post office or sa PhilPost sa mga malls. Yes, ikaw na maglalagay ng stamp sa postcard pero most of the time sila ang maglalagay for you. Pero if ibalik nila sayo ang postcard with the stamp, it means ikaw dapat magdikit. dumidikit yan pag nabasa yung back ng dampi ng water. tapos ibalik mo sa kanila. sila na bahala nun. Meron naman mga post office na machines ang gamit so no need na magdikit2x ng stamps. Bayad ka nalang for that. Hindi naka envelope si postcard. As is sya. So careful ka rin sa isusulat mo sa likod kasi mababasa nila yon. Unless you want to keep the message private, then doon mo sya ilagay sa envelope pero mawawawala essence na postcard pinadala mo. I hope nasagot ko tanong mo. 🙂

  31. Hello. paano po yung sinasabi niyong postcrossing? Parang nakakaexcite kasi hehe. Paturo naman po or may link ba kung saan [wede sumali ng ganon. Thanks

  32. Hello po bago lang po about snail mail at my ka penpal po ako abroad,Hindi ko alam kung magkano ang cost ng ordinary mail as well as sending a post card heheh at ang step at saan po ako makakatipid..Can you help me..thank po

  33. Hi! Trying to make my own design of postcard. Size is 4×6. Medyo nagkakaproblema lang ako sa dapat na size ng postage stamp baka kasi magkamali. Alam niyo po ba yung standard size ng postage stamp sa Philippines? 🙂 thank youu

    • Hi Maro, I’m also unsure sa standard size but you can draw a small box sa postcard mo or buy a regular stamp and size it. May ibang sizes kasi ang mga stamps so I guess use the smallest drawing nlng or box to design your postcard. Anyway guide lang naman yan. If malaki si stamp, pwde naman syang mag overlap sa box 🙂

  34. Hi! I recently join in a community that swaps for postcards. Curious lang ako kung san ako makakabili ng stamps? Dalawang philpost na kasi ung napuntahan ko at wala daw silang documentary stamps na in stock.

    • Hello Joselle, you should go to your main post office branch. SM Malls also sell stamps in their Philpost shops, which is located in the government services area. Just look for PhilPost there.

  35. Hello!

    I just recently sent a postcard to Argentina (first time sending) and planning to send another one. Nakakaddict pala to. HAHAH
    How many weeks does it usually take to get the postcards to their destination? Does it get delivered door to door?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Monica,

      congratulations for your first postcard sent! Nakaka addict talaga at sarap ng feeling may i-mail kang sulat, in this case, postcard. The last time I checked, the people at the post office says it will take 3 weeks before the receiver gets it. So antay ka nalang till then. And yes, door-to-door delivery yan most of the time.

      By the way, where do you buy your postcards? I had a hard time looking for a decent one eh.

  36. Hello! I have been reading this thread since I have decided to send a snail mail letter for my friend to Australia. Marami akong nalaman dito (bago lang din kasi ako mag sa mga ganito). Kaso lang less than 3 weeks na lang birthday niya at gusto ko sana mg send sa kanya. Meron po ba kayong idea kung pano ko malaman na ma send ko ung letter before the date? Meron po ba yung express? at saka if meron kayong idea, how much? Actually aabot ako hanggang two weeks before ma send ko sa kanya na allowance but I’m not sure kasi baka ma delayed and I’m hoping there is a way na malaman na ma send ko sa ka kanya on time.

    • Hello, I hope umabot yung snail mail mo sa friend mo. Usually if progressive ang countries, madali lang dumating ang mail sa kanila. Standard is 3 weeks talaga. Pero if efficient ang Post Office nila, minsan 2 weeks lang.

  37. Hi! Thank you for putting 2019 updates in your blog post here! Really helped me a lot in ranging how much I should prepare when I bring my postcard sa PO.

    Pero question po, how about the closed (enveloped) mails? How would we know kung how much worth of Philatelic stamp yung ididikit? I do hope you respond to my inquiry.

    • Hi Gwen,

      I’m no longer sure magkano rate ng postage for envelope mails. Usually tinitimbang sya sa post offce at if normal weight lang, you pay the regular postage stamp, which is usually metered stamp. But if may kabigatan ang envelope, may different rate sya depende sa bigat. Better check with the PO and ask them.

  38. I really had a hard time kanina sa paghanap Ng info pano magsend Ng post card mabuti nakita ko Ang blog na to. Halos lahat Ng katanungan ko nasagot as I come acrossed the comments. Thank you so much. Napakahelpful nito sa akin. Btw, first time ko sa post crossing. I’m planning magsend ng post card and letter for Christmas for the very first time to UK and US.
    Ask ko lang pwede po ba maglagay din ng printed pictures attached with the post card? Yung parang souvenir ko na picture ko sa kanya, as remembrance. Ganon Sana. I hope you read this and I’m going to wait for your reply. Stay safe and God bless po. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hello Jelai,

      I’m happy to know you joined Postcrossing. I don’t know if back to normal na ba ang operations ng mga post offices here so expect some delays nalang when sending and receiving mails. I think there are certain countries na di muna inaallow ni PhilPost so better check their website or ask your post office. I think may mall branches sila so convenient din.

      Regarding sa pag attach nang printed pictures sa postcards, hindi siya allowed. If you still want to send pictures, place it in a letter envelope and it will be treated as a regular letter mail /sulat. The post office will weigh it too and depende sa weight yung amount ng postage na babayaran mo. So in your case, what you can do is send a postcard and a separate letter containing the photos. The more mails, the merrier diba? Am sure matutuwa yung makakatanggap ng mails mo. hehehe 🙂

      I hope I answered your questions. Ingat lagi and God Bless 🙂


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