The Cheapest Way to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport

Transport Center outside of Suvarnabhumi Airport

If you want to save big time on getting out of the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand, your best bet would be to ride their public bus transportation system.


If you hail a metered taxi, it could cost you a whooping 500 baht for the trip to Bangkok from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Sometimes, taxi drivers will charge you a flat rate (pakyaw) which will cover the toll fees that you will pass. But metered or not, the ~500 baht fare is just too expensive if you are travelling alone, unless you have someone else to split the fare. Travel time: ~2 hours and depends on the traffic

Airport Rail Link

Then there’s also the Bangkok Airport Rail Link which will cut the travel time as well as the costs of getting in Bangkok. From Suvarbabhumi Airport, you may have to pay ~150 baht to reach the Phaya Thai station in 30 minutes.There are plenty of signs in the airport so you won’t definitely get lost when finding the Airport Link station. From there, you can ride a taxi to get to where you want to go or simply take the BTS train. I haven’t really tried this mode of transportation but this one looks really promising as this is definitely cheaper compared to hailing taxi cabs. Travel time: ~1 hour

Public Bus

However, for someone like me who travels on a tight budget, I believe that the cheapest way to travel to Bangkok from the Suvarbabhumi Airport is via a public bus. So how do you find one within the airport? Simple…

You just have to ride one of those Bangkok Airport Shuttle Bus. The shuttle bus is FREE. When you exit the doors of the arrival section of the airport, cross the street (still within the airport grounds, ok?) and look for the bus stop signs and wait for the free shuttle buses.

riding the free airport shuttle bus with our backpacks

There’s enough room on any Airport Shuttle Bus for your luggages too, if you are carrying one instead of backpacks. But since this is a free bus, tendency is you may stand up when there are too many passengers waiting for the shuttle bus. You can either wait for the next bus to arrive or be alert and quickly hop on the bus before the other passengers =)

These buses will take you to the Transport Centre.

Transport Center outside of Suvarnabhumi Airportthe Transport Center

bus numbers at the Transport Center

bus numbers vs their corresponding routes

Once you are in the Transport Center, look for the huge board with different bus numbers and their corresponding routes. You can use them as reference to what bus number you will ride. Travel time: ~2 hours depending on the traffic

Public Bus Number 550Public Bus Number 550 on its way to Bangkok

Non-airconditioned Public Bus to Hua Lamphong Train Stationpublic bus within Bangkok

On my recent trip to Bangkok, we rode bus number 550 to reach the Mo Chit Bus station. The plan was to get to the Mo Chit Bus Terminal and ride a taxi to Hua Lamphong station (which was what we did the last time we were there).  But due to language barriers, we end up getting dropped at the Mo Chit Bus station. From there, we rode another bus going to the Hua Lamphong Station. The cost of the whole trip?

34.00 baht/head – Transport Center to Mochit Bus Station (airconditioned)
8.17 baht/head – Mo Chit bus station to Hua Lamphong Station (we paid 24 for 3 heads) (non-airconditioned)
42.17 baht/head Total fare – Suvarnabhumi Airport to Hua Lamphong Railway Station

We were on our way to Siem Reap which explains the need to go to Hua Lamphong train station. But I bet we could have saved more on the bus fare had I known the exact bus station to get off to reach Hua Lamphong Station. After being dropped off at the Mo Chit bus station, we asked some locals if it is cheaper to ride a taxi or a bus and they recommended the bus and pointed us to what bus number to ride. We could have paid a few extra bahts if we hopped on an airconditioned one but this is still the cheapest by far. (TIP: Never hesitate to ask for help)

Mode of Transportation Travel Time Cost Degree of Difficulty Availability
Taxi ~2 hours expensive* easy 24 hours
Airport Link ~1 hour moderate difficult** 6am – 12mn
Public Bus ~2 hours cheap difficult** 24 hours

*esp if travelling alone
**especially when carrying huge luggages

Hailing for taxi cabs is more convenient due to their door-to-door drop off points but you may also end up getting scammed by some taxi drivers. Airport Links could be difficult if you have huge luggages and you will have to walk to reach the bus/train stations. Public buses could also be difficult if you have huge luggages with you and you may have to ask what bus number to ride and wait for the buses to arrive.

So there you go. Even if taxis are the most convenient mode of transportation going to Bangkok, I’d still prefer riding a public bus. The amount of money I will save on a taxi or the airport link will definitely be useful for food trips and shopping in Bangkok!

If you want to know how to get around Bangkok, you can check out the differenttransportation they have within the city on this link:


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    • My friend who went there a few days after we did spent 490 baht for the metered taxi, Claire. I was even shocked since I thought they would only spend 300 baht for the trip inclusive of toll fees. The bad thing is that I forgot to tell them to take the public bus since we were still hyped with our trip from Siem Reap 😆

  1. very comprehensive!

    I could have done this if not Im alone. Mahirap din magtravel in the middle of a night with my big bag. hehe

    Nextime, I’ll do this the cheaper way! =)

    • ok lang yan chyng, big bag or small bag, carry lang ang travelling in the middle of the night sa BKK. i feel safe there kasi. kaya mo yan kahit solo travelling pa! 🙂

    • hahaha. dapat mag bkk na! be ready with your shopping money! 😀
      baka 48 years pa bago magkaron ang NAIA. hehehe

    • kami naman naloka nung nagtatanong kung paano pumunta ng train station. may kasama pang hand gestures and sound effects di parin maintindihan…choo-choo! 😆

  2. This would come really handy when I finally travel to Thailand. Thanks for sharing this. And by the way, I’m a fan of tables, and your bit on the degree of difficulty. Makes things a lot easier to remember. 😀

    • I’m glad you found this post helpful Cedric. Don’t forget to bring shopping money when you visit Thailand ha. Also for food trips! 🙂

    • thanks gay! although hassle sya ng konti coz you need to transfer to different transpos, if you’re not in a hurry naman, ok na rin. you get to save money pa for more important stuff like food tripping! 😀

  3. My cheapest transpo going to Suvarnabhumi was from this guesthouse. They called up a service to pick me up at the guesthouse. When i arrived at the airport, i asked how much. The driver said it was paid for. I asked by whom? He said by the owner. What? Eh wala naman ako binabayaran. So it means sinagot na niya transpo ko. God Bless Thailand!!!

  4. Found this blog via the Philippine Travel Forum. I’ve gone to Bangkok last August, 2010 but I was then on a tour to various cooperatives in Thailand, so we were fetched by a bus to and from the airport. I am planning to go back to that beautiful country with my wife. Thanks for your post, I already have knowledge on how to commute from the airport to the hotel. I love your blog. . . keep it up!

    • hey killerfillers! 😉 if you are planning to go to bangkok and looking for information on the cheapeast way to get there, i would suggest you take the airport link. it will only cost you 40 baht and it is a hassle-free way to reach bangkok from the suvarnabhumi airport. Just find the airport rail link at the lower section of the airport and ride on the train. the fare is only 40 baht and get off the Phaya Thai station. once you reach that station, you can easily switch to the BTS train down below to get to where you want to go in bangkok or go down and find a taxi or a bus 😉 it’s faster and more practical 😀


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