Suvarnabhumi Airport a.k.a. Bangkok International Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport

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There are different entry points when you visit Thailand. You can either choose to enter the country by train, bus, boat or by plane. In our case, since we were flying ~1,400 miles to get to Thailand, we definitely had to go there last January 2011 by plane. Cebu Pacific Air released a promo fare three months prior to our departure and we took advantage of the cheap airline fare and as you see, the rest is history.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Ed and Den

This was not my first time to visit Thailand. In fact, this was my third trip to the country. And if you were to ask me again if I’m willing to go back to Thailand, my answer would be a huge YES! That goes to show how I adore Thailand so much. I am always open to the possibility of travelling to other international destinations. In fact, I’ve been trying to find a cheap all inclusive holidays Egypt information among other destinations to carefully plan my future travels. But since a trip to Bangkok won’t hurt that much, I won’t stop flying to this place yet.

seeking help on how to use their phoneslost in translation using the phones

And do you know one of the reasons why I love Thailand so much? It’s actually because of their airport. The Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the places that made me fall in love with this country. Hahaha. No kidding! I’ve never seen such a huge airport terminal ever. The airport in our country is nothing compared to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. I also asked a couple of friends who’ve been to other international airports and asked them to compare which one’s better. Two of my friends chose Hong Kong as their favourite. They say that both the Bangkok International Airport and the Hong Kong International Airport are big but their design are both unique. What made the HongKong International Airport win was because of their carpeted terminal floors 😀

Suvarnabhumi AirportSuvarnabhumi Airport main terminal roof is designed with structural elements and bays placed in a cantilevered wavelike form to appear to “float” over the concourse beneath. The integration of structural form into overall aesthetic is a phenomenon personally describes by Helmut Jahn as “Archi-Neering”.

Suvarnabhumi Airportphoto credit: wiki

Aslo known as the (New) Bangkok International Airport, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Asia. Travellers, especially backpackers find it easy to choose Thailand as their jump off point in exploring the rest of the countries in Asia. On top of that, you can also try making a detour and experience Egypt holidays. Surely, there’s an available flight you can book to reach Egypt from Bangkok!

To me, the Bangkok International Airport is already an attraction on its own and I really love staying in here and allow myself to be engulfed in that sea of brightness in that huge space amidst those steel tones.


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  1. changi airport in singapore is the best for me, doi! it ranked #1 for 2010 and 2nd for 2011 based on world’s best airport awards! 🙂 hk intl airport is also very nice w/c ranks 1st this year! 🙂

    kudos and thanks, again! 🙂

    • uu nga. dapat ma update na ako sa mga airports nato para maiba naman. hahaha. can’t wait to set foot on SG and HK! sana soon 😀

  2. Was able to visit Thailand for the first time last September 22-25, 2010. My admiration about the country started right after our plane touched down at Suvarnabhumi International Airport Peeping through the plane’s window, I couldn’t help but be awed at the sight of the magnificent airport terminal building with a three-ply membrane roof. Like you, I got the impression about the building as architecture and engineering in its finest and the best portrayal of the beauty and grandeur of Thailand.


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