A Generous Stamp and Postcard Collector from China


China postcard

For this session of Postcard Sundays, I am showing you a postcard I received from China.

One day, a large envelope, the size of the envelope of a LARGE greeting card, got delivered to my home address. The first thing I noticed with the envelope before opening it were the stamps pasted in it. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I saw those stamps as there were four of them. They were so cute and large in size too! (check the photo below to see the resized image of those stamps)

When I opened the envelope, I first saw the postcard of a landscape (photo above). It doesn’t have any info on its back as to where it was taken or the name of the place. Although there were Chinese characters printed at the back, I couldn’t understand what they were.

My anonymous postcard sender is a postcard and stamp collector and was generous enough to enclose a second postcard too (photo shown below).

China postcard - Incarvillea forrestii

And guess what else is inside the large envelope I got. STAMPS!!! My generous postcard sender was too kind to send me stamps and the quality of those stamps were all in excellent condition. There were 15 of them of different sizes and prints and they were all colorful and lovely. My head was already jumping with glee upon seeing the stamps given to me.

This is one great thing about exchanging postcards. When you get lucky, you’re likely to receive treats like this. I just need to find those stamps a new home.

Postcard Origin: China
Date received: April 2009

Stamp collected: China Stamp
China stamps



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