My First Taste of Authentic Thai Food


Before coming to Bangkok 4 years ago, I knew nothing about what Thai food tastes like other than those Thai restaurants back home serving modified versions of Thai food to cater to each Filipino’s taste buds. However, I soon discovered that those Thai foods are a far cry from the authentic Thai foods being sold in Thailand.

On my first trip to Thailand, my friends and I decided to head out to Siem Reap first before checking out Bangkok. Since we were travelling on a budget, we decided to do an overland border crossing from Aranyaprathet to Poipet. We decided to travel by train. As soon as the plane landed at the newly built Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 2:30am, we had to resort to using sign language and whatever we thought of in communicating with the locals just to get to the Hua Lamphong Train station since we refused to ride a taxi.

thai food in hua lamphong train station

After playing charades with the locals at the airport’s Public Bus Terminal in order to describe what a train is, where we were headed, we finally made it to the train station. We saw this food joint outside the doors of the train station and decided to eat our breakfast there.

authentic thai food

This food eatery is not hard to miss when entering the Hua Lamphong Train station. They sell different Thai food, some of which looked and smelled weird to me.

porridge with egg in bangkok
my favorite – congee with pork (25 baht) and egg (forgot how much the egg costs. lol)

Not wanting to upset my tummy, I chose the safest food I saw in there – porridge 😆 Yeah. It was still early in the morning and we’d be travelling 6 hours to a foreign place so I don’t want any tummy troubles along the way. I ordered 1 serving of congee with pork and egg when I saw that it wasn’t harmless.

The best thing about eating at this food joint is that you’ll have a lot of Thai dishes to choose from. You will see huge pans where they cook all the food they sell. It gives you the assurance that the food you will eat are freshly cooked and not left overs.

thai spices in hua lamphong train stationexcept for that bread looking thing in the middle, the rest are free

When you look for authentic thai foods, you will also notice that these food establishments or restaurants provide generous servings of their spices and add-ons for your food. For first timers like me, I had a hard time in trying to figure out what those were or how to use them on my food. I even thought they were for sale.

thai food in bangkokseafood soup noodles

thai foodtasted like tinolang manok but smelled like horse sh*t (tae nang kabayo); no kidding 😆

To date, it has been my 4th visit to the Hua Lamphong Railway Train station on my way to Siem Reap via Aranyaprathet and each time, I never failed to drop by this place to get my dose of Bangkok’s authentic congee dish, the only dish in there I’m brave enough to eat 😆

porridge in bangkok

When you travel to Bangkok, be bold and adventurous. Try out Thailand’s authentic dishes. Some dishes may end up making your eyes and nose cry. Then there are those Thai dishes that would empty your pockets since you’ll be coming back for more.

Not only are there cheap and affordable food in Bangkok but indulging yourself on a food trip in Thailand should definitely be on top of your list.

Happy eating! 😉


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  1. nagutom ako dito Doi. hehehe… yung thai food sa atin dito tuwang tuwa na ako and as you mentioned mas masarap talaga diyan. same experience when i was in china.

    • yeah, walang binatbat sa Thai food jan. although masarap naman but ibang level pa rin ang yumminess nang mga food dito dong! 🙂

    • hahaha. that’s why i chose the safest food i saw cookie. but sometimes, the safest looking is deceiving 😆 ilang beses na din ako nabiktima nyan. hahaha

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