Choosing Zambales to Explore Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove


Anawanging Cove, ZambalesCan you resist a beauty like this?

I am still not done with my Bangok to Siem Reap trip series and here I am again, starting on another one but this time it is about the awesome coves in the Philippines. Only a few tourists go here but I have a feeling these coves are going to be huge attractions in the future.

Now what am I talking about?

It’s actually my trip to Zambales – that trip I took a couple of days after our Bangok to Siem Reap trip. And again, thanks to Cebu Pacific’s reliable promo fares back then, we were able to book this trip for only P114.00/head for a round trip fare from Cebu to Clark. I hope Cebu Pacific goes back to selling those cheap roundtrip airfares for less than P500!

Almost 26 days after our Bangkok-Siem Reap trip, funds not yet replenished, I still doubted whether I should push through with this trip since I haven’t recovered from the previous one – financially, that is. In fact, 10 days after my Zambales trip, I was scheduled to go on another adventurous trip again, this time to Sagada…but this one’s for another series of travel stories I can’t wait to share with you guys 😉

Looking back, I wonder what came into our minds when we booked those consecutive trips. I guess no matter what, I am still grateful for being given the chance to visit two of the most popular travel destinations in the Philippines: Zambales and Sagada.

So let’s talk about Zambales first. Honestly, there’s so little information I know about Zambales. Mt. Pinatubo and the Aetas. Who could ever forget Mt. Pinatubo when this sleeping volcano suddenly decided to throw up tons and tons of magma back in 1991? Then there’s also the Aetas, the indigenous people who live in Zambales. Other than that, I have absolutely no clue what to expect in this side of the Philippines.

Nagsasa Cove, Zambalessweet serenity at Nagsasa Cove in Zambales

Then I saw this blog post about the serene Nagsasa Cove from fellow blogger Winston Almendras last 2010. The photos I saw from his site were really stunning! And then I forgot all about it until the day we had to decide where we need to go for the Clark trip. You see, we only had two options: visit the coves of Zambales or go surfing in La Union. Upon further research, we discovered that it was cheaper to check out Zambales than to go to La Union. And with the limited budget we have for the trip, Zambales was the winner by TKO. LOL.

This trip was originally booked for 3 heads but since 1 head is now enjoying a new life found in Singapore, Ed and I decided to ask fellow travellers who were interested to travel with us to cut on the costs of the entire trip. Luckily, Anton and his wife were game to join us. There were also other travel buddies who promised to go with us but backed out the last minute. 🙁

So on the 18th day of February, we flew from Cebu to Clark, travelled from Clark to Olongapo, Olongapo to Zambales and started our cove exploration from San Miguel to Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove on a very beautiful Saturday morning 😉

Next…check out the video of the scary boat trip going to Nagsasa Cove first and stay tuned for more updates!


This is a series of travel stories on my trip to Zambales last February of 2011 to explore Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island. If you haven’t read on the first posts, please check on the links below and please wait for the rest of the series….;-)


  1. Hi! I’ve seen your vid on before. An it was indeed a scary one. hihihi! Kaya ayoko ng bumalik sa lugar na yan. Same experience kasi. Buti na lang you chose Zambales din. Before it’s too late.. magiging uber crowded na yan promise. great shots!

    • hahaha. thanks kura! yeah. it was really scary. maybe if we travel early morning baka di kasing lakas ang alon, otherwise it’s best to wear your life vest and bring a dry bag for your gadgets just in case… 😉

  2. I always wanted to visit this place… Especially when I saw some photos of my mountaineering friends way back when I was in Metro Manila…

    Looking forward to visit this soon…

  3. I’ve been to Zambales
    for the last 3 years.. always in San Felipe..
    Its my quick fix if I want a weekend getaway with friends.

    Your pictures look very promising..
    Wish I could visit Anawangin or Nagsasa soon.
    hmmmm!!!! 🙂

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  5. May maganda po na beach/camp area sa Tambobong, Pangasinan. Hindi pa siya commercialized kaya sobra ganda ng beach at mababait ang mga tao. There is a new resort there, just starting. Its called PANTALAN BEACH RESORT in Tambobong. Bawal ang maingay na karaoke, cemented parking for 10 cars(50/night), kubo rental at only 1.5k per night and maintenance fees at only 50/head for use of cr and bath kung gusto niyo mag tent lang sa beach!!! Pero very very basic facilities lang. They even offer set meals for groups. Or if you want them to cook merong minimal fees lang. The kubos are built right on the pantalan (port) so GREAT view of the ocean talaga. Maganda yung kubo and can fit 8 to 10 yata. Meron din built in tables made of bamboo lang. Rustic. Its owned by the Bobises so just call nanay Precy bobis or Deo Bobis at SUN#09227154685 or SUN#09236685401 or SMART#09075183062 for reservations and arrangements. I understand they can even arrange transpo to/from manila na rin now. Pls call or text for rates nalang. Thanks.






  6. its more fun in the Philippines…

    enjoy the summer with us here at zambales.visit anawangin and spend night at nagsasa cove…

    text us: 09193910016/09228788756.. will help you experince he wonders of nature…

    look for joan perea


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