too much dirt

my dirty feet

I’ve never acquired too much dirt on my feet than when I did a 2-day trip in the temples of Angkor. I don’ t recall acquiring too many dust the first time I visited Siem Reap. Maybe because I was wearing those platform Havaianas back then.

This time, I wore a borrowed flat Pilipinas designed Havaianas from my sister since mine snapped. Check out how dusty my feet were, including the silver straps of the slippers. Yes, those straps were supposed to be bright silvered ones.

my dirty feetmy blue nails and all the dust

If my feet were my nose, it would have already been sneezing from all those dust. The pathway on the Ta Phrom temple added more dust since we were like walking on a sandy beach. Probably the only thing lacking back there was a volleyball net and you can already play beach volleyball.

Hey, I’m not complaining or anything. I loved every minute of our trip and can’t wait to show you photos in the next coming posts. For now, let me try to work on some backlogs and try to sort out pictures and get approval from friends of what I can post and not. 😀 I still even haven’t finished my 2008 posts of Siem Reap and Bangkok! 😆


P.S. Regarding that First impressions of Cambodia having orange soil when I visited last 2008, am not sure what happened but I no longer saw them, except for some temples. hehehe.



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