Organizing My Plane Tickets with One Note


Thanks to promo fares by airline companies such as Cebu Pacific, I was able to book flights to any destination I want, whether domestic or international flights.

And with the cool feature of my “unlicensed” copy of One Note 2010, it was so easy for me to track all the trips I booked for myself and for my friends. I so love One Note. This software will allow you to send a copy of your flight details to One Note if you do not have a printer to print the document. I find this more convenient instead of scavenging through my old emails just to look for the e-tickets I purchased online. Even if this software is not licensed, it still works! 😀 (I still plan to get a license for this one though)

my not so busy travel schedules

And recently, with Philippine Airlines‘ P88 promo fare, I was able to add more to the travels I’ll be doing this year. I paid P214 for roundtrip tickets to Manila and only P116 (1 way) for my upcoming Davao trip. I know that there will be more cheaper fares than what I paid for now, but I still consider this cheap and wouldn’t worry a thing or two if my trips won’t push through.

I plan to fill all the months with travels. Jan, Feb, March, July and August are all booked. 7 more months to go! 😆


    • yeah, for both Airphil and CebPac but di sakin ung cebpac. nakisuyo lang yung friend ko kasi blocked sa office nila 😀

    • np! MS Office sya na software. 2007 or 2010. sabi ng friend ko mas colorful daw ang 2010 so yun nalang hanapin mo 🙂

  1. Tried One Note a couple of times but never really found any use for it. Well, at least until you wrote this post. Hehe. Very organized nga!

    • cedric, try mo na sya. useful talaga to help you keep track of your bookings especially when you are trying to look for the schedule of your flights and all 🙂

  2. looks promising.. i might try this too. currently, i just place my email bookings/e-tickets in a folder in my email account. kaso minsan sa sobrang dami, sometimes it takes a few tries before i open the right one. hehehe thanks for this!


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