Majestic Rock Formations: The Hidden Gems of Biri Island


Finally, after 2 months of waiting, I finally made it to Biri Island. I was hesitant at first to travel to Biri due to a bad weather threatening to ruin our trip. In fact, I even came up with a number of excuses to cancel the trip to Biri Island. But I felt guilty knowing that I’d ditch my friends, whom I made a promise that I’d join them in exploring the island of Biri in Northern Samar. After searching for information online on how the rock formations in Biri Island looks like despite the bad weather, I caved in.

There were originally 5 of us who decided to embark on that journey of discovering Biri Island’s majestic rock formations. But in the end, only Christian and I made it through. This morning, we headed to Biri Island. Our feet were already itching to see the beautiful rock formations on this side of the Philippine archipelago so by noon time, we decided to visit two of the most visited massive rocks in Biri Island.

It was raining hard when we arrived at the jump off point and by the time we reached the first rock formation, we were already soaking wet. We patiently waited for the dark clouds to clear the sky.

biri island rock formation

Our patience were rewarded the minute the sky turned blue. We got the chance to see the two rock formations in Biri, which were facing each other. It’s as if both were trying hard to impress us with all their might and beauty.

rock formation biri samar

From time to time, the rain would threaten our exploration in the area. It’s as if the rock formations were also trying to test our endurance. But be were just too stubborn, Christian and I. Despite the heavy downfall and the risk of getting injured in climbing the rock formations (as they tend to get slippery when wet), we still managed to witness the splendor of those majestic rock formations.

rock formation biri island

Because it’s this time of the year when this small town in Northern Samar gets the fiercest waves due to the monsoon season, huge waves would attempt to smash the cliffs of the rock formations. The sea would then rush in flooding our path way.

rock formation biri island samar

By sunset, the tide has fully swallowed the entire area leaving us no choice but to wade in shallow waters. Just before the sun set, Christian taught me how to capture a long exposure shot just by using a P&S cam but that one needs more practicing when there’s no huge waves wanting to crush us. I was so glad that he lent me his Canon D10 camera since my Canon Ixus 80 P&S camera ran out of battery (Before the night ended, I would soon learn that it got busted after getting soaked in sea water 🙁 ).

sunset at biri island

When it was time to leave, the entire place was almost covered with darkness. The once ankle-deep seabed that we passed by earlier was now waist-deep. There were boulders of rocks beneath our path and all we could do was try hard to see where we were going. We had to be careful we didn’t step on those boulders since they were too slippery. I even found myself hopping from one rock to the other using my butt since it was really hard to walk when you could no longer see anything. Once we got free from those huge rocks, we found ourselves swimming as it was the fastest way to reach the shore.

Exploring two of those majestic rock formations in the island of Biri in northern Samar was truly an unforgettable experience. The place was surreal and a night swimming to wrap up this day’s adventure plus seeing fireflies all around the area before we left was not bad at all.

Tomorrow, we’ll attempt to capture the sunrise at Biri Island. I hope that it doesn’t rain and I hope we’d be rewarded with a perfect weather to see more of the hidden gems of Birii Island.

Recommended Tour Guide 😉

Jun Giray – +63 920 2512590

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    • Thanks Ding! Too bad. Sana you waited for another day. We travelled early morning and we only experienced rough waves when we approached the last island that blocks Biri Island, but other than that, we safely made it there and back in one piece. hehehe. sayang, nagkita sa na tayo dun! 😉

  1. Great shots despite the bad weather. Parang interested ako sa ” how to capture a long exposure shot just by using a P&S cam. ” Hehehe…

    • Thanks Earl 😉 If your P&S cam has a long shutter scene mode, you can set it probably at 2″ then set it on a tripod to capture subjects like sea waves and adjust the shutter speed if it’s too bright 🙂

  2. Wow doy the rock is really hugeeeeeeee!

    hope for better weather especially pag-uli nimo so you won’t face turbulent seas.

    p.s. need na nato mopalit dslr, pag kat-on doy para patudlo pud ko ug long exposure shots heheheh

  3. Nice!

    Finally, natuloy din si Christian. Hope you both had a great experience in Northern Samar. Christian was concerned with some things. Sabi ko sa kaniya wag siyang mag-worry at okay naman sa Biri. But I was suggesting to him to go there on summer of calm weather.

    I hope you were able to visit all the rock formations. There are 6 😉


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