May Nawawala, May Nawawala!

kalanggaman island

“Ar-jay, may nawawala, may nawawala!” I jolted in my seat.

(Ar-jay, something’s missing, something’s missing!)

Without knowing what’s missing Ar-jay joined me in my search, still squirming aimlessly at the little space left for us to move, to help search what I’m looking for.

We were riding a public van speeding off the highway of Northern Letye to reach Palompon. Ar-jay, Aleah, Jerome and I just spent the night at Naval after staying at Sambawan Island. Jerome was seated at the farthest back while Aleah was comfortably asleep at the back next to ours. Ar-jay and I were seated together, with him enjoying the window side of the car.

“Anong nawala?” Ar-jay asked.

(What did you lose?)

I opened my bag and scoured its contents trying to look for something. Then I tried to squeeze the little space left on our van seats and squirmed from side to side, still looking for something.

sambawan island leyte
Sambawan Island in Northern Leyte

I told him that I must have dropped my eye shades on the floor. I desperately need to find it before someone steps on those breakables in case it rolls over.

Poor Ar-jay tried reaching for the floor letting his hand guide his blind sight to see if he can feel any sunglasses in his floor side.

Suddenly, a realization hit me. I stopped my seatmate from whatever he was doing and confessed my stupidity.

“Nakita ko na,” I said.

(I found it.)

And just like that, I showed him where my sunglasses where all that time.

It was comfortably resting on my head.


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