Kawasan Canyoneering: Enjoying Cebu’s Natural Gem

kasawan canyoneering
kawasan canyoneering in badian cebu
Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the view

It was dawn when we left the city. We wanted to make sure we arrive early at Badian to avoid the influx of tourists who wanted to experience this extreme adventure within the canyons that surround the Matutinao River in the towns of Alegria and Badian down south of Cebu. Adventure seekers like me have long wanted to check out this unique activity so when friends showed interest of going to Badian to try out canyoneering, I immediately signed up to join them.

Waterfall jumping was to be expected. A lot of jumping. Small waterfalls. Big waterfalls. Streams. You name it. So if you have a phobia with jumping certain heights, think twice. But no guts, no glory as they say. So you have to experience it.


It’s a recommended activity when visiting the Queen City of the South.

I’ve seen different videos online on what to expect when you go canyoneering in Badian, Cebu. Having tried boulder-river trekking for 6 hours in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon 3 years ago, I know I won’t be fazed by this extreme activity. I should say that I was that confident that I’d survive this even if it meant having to jump through ten up to thirty feet high waterfalls. But I realized that jumping those heights will surely give your stomach butterflies. It’s too easy to say you can do it but when you’re there and see the height you’ll be jumping….errr…

I guess what makes this experience amazing, aside from doing this with friends and being led by awesome guides from the Kawasan Cebu Canyoneering, is that you will have the opportunity to witness the beauty of nature.

Nothing could have prepared me to witness how wonderful the sceneries were till I got there and saw it for myself. At a certain point, my jaws dropped after crawling out of a small rock opening when I realized where I’m at. If I could only stay there for a while and simply stare at the view.


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