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    If you are looking ahead to next year’s holiday already which, thanks to the washout that is the British summer, you will not be alone, then you will most likely be thinking about going abroad. There are many well worn routes to the European destinations such as Spain and the Canaries but if you fancy something slightly different, then Turkey holidays 2013 could be right up your street.

    Turkey is a great holiday destination with beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling blue seas and a picturesque back drop of mountains. In fact the geography of Turkey is so diverse that it will attract sun worshipers as well as skiers and mountain climbers!

    Antalya Turkey Holidays

    There are many operators that will take you to destinations like Turkey but in this financial climate, it is often worth sticking with the major operators such as Thomas Cook holidays. You can choose the well worn paths to towns such as Antalya, or choose a base and then travel each day to explore the tumultuous and beautiful landscapes that Turkey offers.

    The landscapes are some of the richest in flora and fauna in Europe and the Middle East, thanks to the varied climate. Being surrounded by three seas, Turkey is in the temperate climate zone and depending on where you stay you will benefit from a different weather system. Surrounded on three sides by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, this determines three of the seven regions, and affects the climate quite considerably. Most of the beach resorts are on the Mediterranean side as this has far less rainfall and a huge amount of sun.

    Kas Holidays in Turkey

    But travellers can decide what it is they wish to see and then find a corner of Turkey that suits their wish-list. Such a large and variable country accommodates a large variety of activities, so finding your own special place in Turkey will not be difficult, but to choose a favourite will be.


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