On Being Stranded at the Caranas Rock Formation


After we had our breakfast after waiting for the sunrise at the Bel-at Rock Formation in Biri, we again headed back to the rock formations so that we could explore the other four that we failed to see the previous day.

When we walked the wooden bridge that would take us to the Bel-at Rock Formation, I noticed the tide slowly rising. There wasn’t any water on the mangroves beneath the bridge that morning. I couldn’t help imagine what’s waiting for us on that side once we reached our destination. I was not prepared to get soaked that day. Our tour guide, Kuya Jun, was confident that we could still explore the other rock formations without getting wet.

 heading for the Bel-at Rock Formation

Once we reached the end of the bridge, we slowly waded through the shallow waters that suddenly engulfed the entire area.

 ankle-deep seawater on our way to the rock formations in Biri

Since there’s nothing interesting to see at the Bel-at Rock Formation, we started heading towards the Caranas Rock Formation. It was the last of the six rock formations that stood proudly on that side of the island. Although there were still more rock formations on the other side of the island, we were closest to this one on those cluster of rocks.

 crossing on our way to the Caranas Rock Formation ahead

While crossing the area, we had to be very careful because the tide was slowly rising with huge waves splashing on our pathway.

waves in biri island
the waves in Biri would be ideal for surfing if those rocks were not there

The sky was also gathering dark clouds above us as if wanting to ruin our mood in exploring the rock formations. Well, I really couldn’t blame the weather. Our timing was really bad because a typhoon was brewing on the the other side of the archipelago. It would be a miracle if the heavens would suddenly clear up giving us a beautiful umbrella of blue skies.

 Kuya Jun, with jeans rolled up, pointing to where we need to be

So instead of worrying about those hateful clouds, I just paid attention to our guide. I don’t want to end up leaving the island with scrapes and bruises all over my body. I need to double the effort of stopping myself from slipping.

 the tide and the waves welcoming our presence

Suddenly, I had to remember my spelunking experience during my trip to the Sumaguing Cave in Sagada just to make sure I pass through the other side unscathed.

After wading the almost waist-deep waters, we finally reached the Caranas Rock Formation.

Standing at the Caranas rock formation in Biri gave us a wonderful vantage point in surveying the rock formations of Magasang, Magaspad, Makadlao, Puhunan and Bel-at.

please click to enlarge; panoramic view of the rock formations from Caranas

waves crashing at the rock formations in Biri Island

While we were getting comfortable taking photos of the area, the one thing we all were dreading happened. Rain started to pour. Raindrops gently fell from the sky. Then the downpour became too heavy that we had to take cover on the rock formation beneath us.

please click for enlarged image

It was a great thing that the rock formation of Caranas had this umbrella looking shelter where we sought refuge.

From a distance, we could see locals enjoying the superb weather. There were a handful of them, boys and girls in their teens. They started swimming in the natural pool, still with their shirt and jeans on. Then one by one, they started climbing the rock formation of Bel-at, uncaring of what might happen to them despite the heavy downpour.

At first, I got worried since it would be difficult for people to rescue them in case something bad happens. But then again, after observing them from a distance, I knew that those kids live nearby. Surely, this wouldn’t be the first time they’d be fooling around on their somewhat dangerous playground – climbing rocks without any harness at all and somersaulting their way to the natural pools beside them.

Seeing them made me feel giddy. If only I could, I would have darted my way through and joined them in their escapades.

But I was too chicken to do so. Instead, my companions and I patiently waited for the rain to stop. It was a good thing that Christian brought 1-peso chips to while the time away. After an hour of waiting, the clouds were still crying. We couldn’t continue the expedition since Christian’s DSLR and 2 more cameras were not waterproof.

We were doomed.

We were stranded at the Caranas rock formation for an hour and we had no choice but to wait…

To be continued

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