My Early Summer Treat at Portofino Resort


Thanks to my good friend Praline of, I was able to start my beach craze this summer at an early time. Two days ago, she pinged me asking if I was game on going to the beach on the 1st day of the working week figuring that the beaches of Mactan will be less crowded by then.

my travelling feet, itching to touch the beach!

Without hesitation, I immediately said YES and at 8am this morning, they picked me up from my place and off we went to Portofino Resort in the island of Mactan, Cebu. Since we didn’t have access to a private transpo on this particular day, we just agreed we’d take a cab. Good thing it was enough to accommodate all of us – me, Pra, Val (pra’s hubby), Baby Vaughn (their almost 3-yr old son) and Dang (their yaya).

20 minutes after they picked me up from my place, we’ve reached our destination! Boy was I glad to see the beach!Β I took some photos here and there before I went for a swim…

that’s Shangrila Mactan over there with guests being picked up for island hopping tours

their pool with depth from 4 to 8 feet

This is what I like about Cebu. Just like how you experience the holidays to playa del ingles, it’s surrounded by beautiful beaches north and south. And if you don’t have all the time to travel to see the famous beaches within the province, you can simply head to Mactan Island. It’s just a few minutes drive from the city and experience something like what we did today, a day filled with beach lovin under a perfect summer weather.

free willy being dragged by a kid

a kid getting busy with his sand playing while hiding under the shade of the resort’s boat

even an army of ants prepare for their summer escapades & no they didn’t cut that tree. lol

blue sky + blue sea = fun filled summer outing at the beach!

Who can’t resist a spectacular beach like the one above? Definitely not me which is why I am sharing this to you to ignite those wanderlust nerves and let you plan your summer trip ASAP! Remember, you still got 57 days to fill and experience all sorts of summer adventures!

Confession: As I am writing this entry now, I’m still covered with saltwater. Just had to post this to show you what you are missing sitting at your office desk. Excited much? πŸ˜†

So what cool things have you done lately to welcome summer? Care to share them? ^_^

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  1. whoa, ingget!
    while you have all the clear beaches in Cebu, we have uhm Malls? yuck! life is unfair! hehe

    omg, the room rates are so cheap! i’ll tell Nina about this! bet nya to! =)

    • hahaha. fair lang sya kasi may Bicol, Zambales, Ilocos at marami pang pwdeng mapuntahan jan πŸ˜‰
      sure ka chyng? mahal na yang rates na yan for me. LOL.

      yung lahat ng mga comments mo dumideretso sa spam ko. di ko alam pano i fix πŸ˜‰

    • It’s ok Jerik, at least you got QC and MOA. LOL. This is really one of the things I love about Cebu, instant access to the beach! You can spend a couple of hours swimming and sun bathing to unwind then get back to work afterwards. lipat na sa Cebu!

    • why not dba? =) but i would prefer a weekday carla coz super daghan ang tao on weekends and mas mahal by P25 ang entrance fee. LOL. let’s plan niya πŸ˜€


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