A Quick Meet Up With Pinoy Travel Bloggers


This is just a “quick post” (ows?) to free myself from the workload that I have. I promised myself of a 2-day absence from social networking sites and blogging but I could not resist the temptation. Hence the reason for blabbering here now. LOL. And to think I still have a lot of pending posts to finish from my BKK-SR trip, Zambales trip and Sagada trip. waaaaaaaa!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share to you what I did last Sunday. When Upper Viceo announced that she was going to Bantayan, we decided to meet her so that we could also meet other PTB (Pinoy Travel Blogger) folks from Cebu. Marky Ramone Go was going to Malapascua too so we all agreed to meet Sunday night since both of them will be back from their trip. By the way, they are from Manila, in case you are wondering (and I’ve never met them in person too. just online interactions lang)

The meet up place was at Ayala and talks of bringing them to Outpost, Casa Verde in Ramos or Moon Cafe in Guadalupe was part of the possible places we listed.Β But since we also had to consider the budget, Ed convinced them to eat at one of the famous food joints in Cebu. Yeah, it’s famous alright. LOL. The only catch is that it is a famous street food here in the city. And when I mentioned street food, it is literally a street food since you’ll be dining in the streets of Tisa. This was one of our favorite food stops whenever we get hungry since the food is cheap!

So after meeting Upper, her friend Chrissy, Marky and Jason Montana, we asked if they had no issues eating street foods. When they all agreed, we headed to the siomai-an sa Tisa, Labangon, one of the barangays in Cebu City.

at Siomai sa TisaL-R: Marky, Jason, Ed, Upper and Chrissy dining from an actual road that’s transformed to a busy food joint at night

When we ordered our food, I noticed that Marky only ordered 2 siomais (akala ko di nya nagustohan ang lugar, nahihiya lang or busog pa sya).Β Then I saw him consume the 2 siomais like they were appetizers. After a while, he ordered more and started eating rice. Whew! That was a relief. LOL.

After we finished chatting and eating, we went to The Walk in IT Park as I wanted them to try the crepes at East West (especially the Mango Sushi crepe!) but we were not lucky since the place ran out of crepes πŸ™ The good thing about IT Park is that there are a lot of food establishments in the area. So we went to La Marea instead. La Marea is famous for their warm brownie cup and that’s what most of us ordered.

By this time, Carla, her husband James and their friend (sorry I forgot the name πŸ˜† ) joined us. While we were busy eating our warm brownie cups, Ed entertained us with his stories of his bungy jump experience and endured a painful “nosebleed” from speaking Tagalog for the benefit of our guests πŸ˜†

La Marea at The Walk, IT Parkpaused to have our pictures taken

This was one great night. We filled the air with laughter and tears. Nakahilak jud kog sigeg kinatawa! What was that again Ed? “Binibitad”? LOL. And I had my own bloopers too – “dadakpin” instead of hinuli or huhulihin. hahaha.

Haaay. This was one unforgettable meet up and I hope that we could have more of this in the future. ‘Dwin, next time, you should join us oi! Do not be others! πŸ˜†

P.S. To know more about Siomai sa Tisa and how the place really looks, check this link πŸ˜‰

P Β 12.50 – 7Up (Php75 shared among 6 heads – Php25/bottle)
P Β  Β 6.00 – 2 pcs puso @ Php3/pc
P 30.00 – 5 pcs siomai @ Php6/pc
P Β 15.00 – Ayala Parking fee
P Β 95.00 – Warm brownie cup
P 158.50 Total expenses. Not bad noh? πŸ˜‰


    • hahaha. wa jud kay ayo dwin! bitaw, laag nya ta one of these days oi. you name the place! nangatol to ang tiil ni carla. wa pa sad daw sya kita nimo. hehehe

    • hi anton! hahaha. book ka na nang flight pa cebu, dali! punta tayo nina teresa sa malapascua or sa moalboal πŸ™‚

    • uu nga. let us know kelan ka punta nang cebu ha para ihanda namin yung band na sasalubong sayo! no kidding! πŸ˜†

  1. Nice to meet you too Doi, Jason and Upper and her friend Chrissy (I already met Ed and Carla before).

    Actually, busog pa ako nun pero masarap yung siomai kaya kumain pa ako ulet.

    Yup classic yung storyahan ni Ed bout his bungy experience in Macau and Doi’s “Dadakpin” story lol.

    • nice meeting you too marky! πŸ™‚ sana malessen na ang pagiging tahimik mo the next time we meet πŸ˜‰

  2. Nahirapan ba kayo sa kalisod, Doi? ^_^

    Anyway, we would have loved to join such meetups. Btw, nakamention to Estan sa VBS nga naa group or page for Pinoy Travel bloggers, pde mangau ug link? πŸ™‚

    • hi edcel, yah, nahirapan jud! πŸ˜†

      i already added you to the PTB Group. Dili pa mi FB friends ni sheena so ikaw nalang add niya. hope to travel with you guys and see you whenever we have PTB meetups πŸ˜‰


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