1. Hehe goodluck Doi! As long as healthy food naman kainin mo keri na yan. Feeling ko kung ako ang nasa situation mo, bili ako ng eggs tapos pakuluan ko na lang dahil yun lang kaya ko gawin lol =))

    • hahaha. hindi naman. ganito lang effect when cooking on a budget. need to have more discipline lang talaga on how to eat healthy meals on a budget para di na magsplurge ng mag splurge. lol.

    • oo nga gaye! hehehe. mahal din kasi noodles dun sa $1 country na tinitirhan namin 😆 i hope we could continue this so that we can save up for the rainy days 😉

  2. Whoah, budget mode at its finest. I remember when I tried to survive five days in Malaysia with a RM25 budget on food, struggle kasi malakas ako kumain hehe Mukang kakayanin mo naman yan, goodluck!

  3. Excellent write-up and congrats for pulling off the challenge. I found this post because my wife and I just got to Siem Reap and we were looking for oatmeal. Since we’ve been travelling in Southeast Asia, we’ve concluded that this is a MUST-HAVE item for travelers on a strict food budget. It’s cheap, it’s filling, it’s healthy and it lasts. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any oatmeal in Indonesia or Vietnam, at least not where we were. So this would be great.

    • yeah, oatmeal is a great alternative when travelling on a tight food budget. you can find oatmeals on every major supermarket in SR Russ 😉 enjoy your stay in the city of Angkors!


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