6 Ways to Travel from Bangkok to the Aranyaprathet Border


The Aranyaprathet border in Thailand is considered to be one of the famous borders when anyone wants to cross the border going to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The border in Aranyaprathet serves as a traveller’s exit gate to gain entry to Poipet, Cambodia when one is headed to the Kingdom’s key cities or when someone simply wants to go on a visa run.

Unknown to many, there are different ways to travel to the Aranyaprathet border especially for those who want to travel from BKK to Siem Reap. Whether you travel in style, or you travel on a budget during your last minute holidays planning on your way to Siem Reap from Aranyaprathet, there’s surely different options to choose from.

Here are 6 ways to travel from Bangkok to the Aranyaprathet border in Thailand on your way to the Poipet border crossing or when you go on a visa run.

1. Travel by TRAIN at the Hua Lamphong Station

There are only 2 train schedules if you travel by train to cross the borders in Aranyaprathet going to Siem Reap or Poipet, Cambodia. Budget travellers will find this cheapest mode of transportation favorable when going on an overland border crossing from Bangkok to Siem Reap.

Travelling by train will let you breathe in the fresh countryside air of Thailand since the train is non-air conditioned. But during Thailand’s summer months, travelling by train can be very humid. The train also stops at every train station to pick up passengers, which explains the long time it takes to reach the Aranyaprathet.

For those who are not in a hurry and wouldn’t mind sitting in a non-reclining chair, for those who wanted to take photos of Thailand’s plain countryside, or for those who are travelling on a budget, this is your best mode of transportation when you go on a visa run at the Aranyaprathet border or when you travel to cross the borders going to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Once you arrive at the Aranyaprathet Train Station, you still need to hire a tuktuk or motorbike to bring you to the border, which is approximately 6 kilometers. The motorbike fare starts at around 50 baht and the tuktuk starts at 60. You are likely to pay an exorbitant fee if you do not haggle. You can also ride a songthaew, a truck converted into a passenger vehicle, going to the border for only 15 baht. Just walk a few meters to the main road and wait for one.

For those who wants to cross the border, it is better to take the 5:55am schedule to avoid getting stuck on either of the two immigration check points (Aranyaprathet or Poipet) since those offices are likely closed by the time you reach the Aranyaprathet border if you take the 13:05H train schedule.

Hua Lamphong Train Station in Bangkok Thailand

Fare: 48 baht
Length of Travel: 6 – 6.5 hours
Travel Schedule: 5:55 and 13:05
Reservations? No reservations needed. The train station opens at around 5am and you can buy your tickets going to Aranyaprathet when the doors of the Hua Lamphong Train station open.

How to Get to the Hua Lamphong Station?

Hire a cab, tuktuk, or ride a public (government bus) to reach the area. You can also ride the BTS and switch trains at the MRT Interchange link to reach the Hua Lampong Train Station.

2. Ride a MINIVAN in Khao San Road

Khao San Road is the backpacker’s mecca in Bangkok. With the influx of tourists in the area, you will see travel agencies almost everywhere where you can schedule your travel. Before you purchase your transportation to Aranyaprathet from those travel agencies, be sure to hop from one agency to the next since they will give you different rates. The cheapest is 250 baht for a one-way trip but you might get rates as high as 400 baht for the same mode of transportation.

If you travel in groups of 3 or more, try to use your charms and ask for a discount. 😉

The minivans that travel to Aranyaprathet are air-conditioned. This mode of transportation is comfortable. There will be one gasoline and toilet stopover. You will arrive near the border after 4 hrs of travelling. However, the driver will bring you to a secluded place where you will be offered to take your lunch before proceeding to the border where meals cost 70 baht up instead of the normal 40 baht.

A tout will convince you to take their services in case you are going to Siem Reap. They will charge 700 baht (approximately $22) per head for the trip. Do not listen to them. You can hire a taxi for $48 at the Poipet Bus Terminal where you can split the cost among 4-5 travellers and only pay approximately $12 each (if split with 4 heads). You can even haggle for $30-$35 for the taxi or pay $7/head, but this one’s a little bit more complicated 😉

After all the passengers have taken their lunch (will usually last for an hour), the driver will take you to the Aranyaprathet border and will drop you off beside the 7-Eleven store. You can walk a couple of steps to reach the gates of Thailand’s immigration checkpoint.

minivan travelling from Khao San Road to Aranyaprathet

Fare: 250 baht up to 400 baht
Length of Travel: 5 hours
Travel Schedule: 7:30 am
Reservations? You need to book for your trip 1 day ahead.

For those in a hurry to get to Siem Reap, I wouldn’t recommend this mode of transportation because of the “lunch” stop over.

3. Ride a MINIVAN at the Victory Monument

You can find a minivan or a shuttle bus at the Victory Monument. Once there, simply ask anyone where the shuttle bus travelling to Aranyaprathet is stationed. They will point you to the right direction.

The minivans going to the Aranyaprathet border are the same type of vehicles from Option # 2. However, I am uncertain if it follows the same stopover system as that of Option # 2.

Fare: 230 baht
Length of Travel: 4 hours
Travel Schedule: 6am onwards
Reservations? No reservations needed. Just buy as you go.

I have not tried this mode of transportation yet but will give you an update as soon as I get to ride on one.

4. Take a GOVERNMENT BUS at Morchit Bus Terminal Station

You can find a Government Bus that travels to Aranyaprathet at the Morchit Bus Terminal in the Northern District of Bangkok.

The government bus is air-conditioned with comfy seats. You will be given a free small drinking water and two mini cupcakes when you buy your bus tickets.

Since this a government bus, the bus will stop at every bus terminal it passes by on its way to Aranyaprathet, which explains the length of the travel time.

Once in Aranyaprathet, the bus will drop you off at the Rongkluea Market Bus Terminal, approximately 2 kilometers away from the border. You can either hire a tuktuk or a motorcycle to bring you to the border. Fare starts at 40 baht. You can also walk the 2 kilometers going to the border if you want to. 😉

government bus bangkok to rongklua market in aranyaprathet

Fare: 212 baht
Length of Travel: 6 hours
Travel Schedule: every 30 minutes starting at 3:30 am
Reservations? No reservations needed. Just buy as you go.

How to Get to the Morchit Bus Terminal in Bangkok?

To reach the Morchit Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, you can either hire a taxi or ride a government (public) bus. You can also ride a BTS up to the Mochit Terminal Station in Chatuchak and hire a cab there. Bus #3, #136, #104 will take you to the bus terminal from Chatuchak. You can also ride the MRT all the way to the Kamphang Phaet Station and take a cab, motorbike or public bus to reach the bus terminal. Just remember that almost all public buses in Bangkok end their route at the Morchit Bus Terminal. To be sure, do not hesitate to ask. Fare of these public buses start at 6.50 baht up to 20 baht. BTS and MRT fares start from 15 baht up to 40 baht.

5. Ride the BUS at Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is situated at the heart of Bangkok. Although there is no bus terminal in this park, you will see buses bound for Aranyaprathet at one of the park’s bus stops. These buses are often referred to as casino buses. Those who are going on a visa run prefers this mode of transportation when going to the border in Aranyaprathet.

The buses stationed at Lumphini Park are airconditioned with comfortable seats. Coffee and free drinking water are served. The 1st trip leaves at 6am but leaves immediately as soon as the bus gets full regardless of the time.

Once in the border, the bus will drop off passengers across the 7-Eleven store, a few meters away from the Aranyaprathet Immigration Office.

bus at lumphini park going to aranyaprathet
the bus travelling from Lumphini Park to Aranyaprathet

Fare: 200 baht
Length of Travel: 3 hrs – 3.5 hours
Travel Schedule: 6:00 am till 9:00 am
Reservations? No reservations needed. Just buy as you go.

How to get to Lumphini Park?

Since you would want to catch the 1st trip going to Aranyaprathet, it is best to travel to Lumphini Park by taxi or camp out around the park area the night before.

For those who are in a hurry to get to the border, this is the best way to travel to Aranyaprathet. And if you wanted to travel to Siem Reap, taking the bus at Lumphini Park gives you the chance to reach Siem Reap by lunch time since it will take another 3 hours to reach Siem Reap from Poipet.

6. Hire a TAXI cab

Forums have mentioned that hiring a taxi cab is an alternative way to reach the Thailand border in Aranyaprathet. There are available taxi cabs for hire almost anywhere. It’s just a matter of looking for one and agreeing the right price to bring you to the border.

This mode of transportation is often preferred by those who wanted to travel in comfort, those travelling with an elderly or those who are in a hurry to reach the border.

Fare: starts at 1,600 baht up
Length of travel: 3-4.5 hrs
Travel schedule: Anytime

I have not tried this mode of transportation yet but will give you an update as soon as I get to ride on one.

Aside from those 6 ways to travel from Bangkok to the Aranyaprathet border, anyone can also reach the border via a private vehicle (or even a chopper too!). If you own a car or a motorcycle, you can also travel to Aranyaprathet and drive your vehicle as you cross the border to Poipet and all the way to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I hope this South East Asia Travel Guide to Travel in Aranyaprathet on your way to do an overland border crossing in Poipet will help you travel easily and help you travel faster and travel on a budget.

If you know of other ways to travel from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet that is not included in this list, feel free to leave a comment below so that I can update this post. 😉 Thanks!

P.S. $1 = approximately 31 baht

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  1. Travelling in train during the summer is indeed a challenging task and surely it is going to take much more time than the usual hours. However, for budget travellers, this is going to be an excellent option.

    • yeah, travelling by train is my number one choice since i always travel on a budget. thanks for visiting the site Sara!

    • hahaha. i can still remember what happened to you guys during your 1st overland border crossing encounter. but you might be surprised mica when i tell you that i prefer to travel from Poipet to Siem Reap with that set up coz of the cheap fare! 😉 sa likod lang ako umuupo para di maipit sa harap. para lang akong sumakay ng taxi na apatan ang sakay sa likod 😀

    • thanks ed! yeah, maybe you can try the route from Victory Monument to Aranyaprathet and tell me all about it so that I can update this post? 😉 safe travels to you!

  2. I have never traveled a long distance via train but I am always looking forward on doing so. I guess the opportunity has not yet presented itself.

    Sometimes, I also wish of just leaving the corporate world behind here in Pinas and just do location independent jobs too kaso wala pa ko lakas ng loob kaya I really admire you guys for doing what you do.

    Ingat lagi 🙂

    • Oman is an Island! 😆 thanks for dropping by. pack your backpack or suitcase and go na! you don’t have to leave everything you value behind, you know? you can just take small steps para magkaroon ka ng lakas ng loob and malaman mo na pwede ka pala sa ganun na lifestyle. kahit 5 days or 7 days lng na backpacking trip, do it na! kaya mo yan! 😉

  3. Hi,

    This blog is very helpful. I’m planning to visit Siem Reap also by August.

    Can you recommend a backpacker accommodation in Thailand and Siem Reap? I did make some research and was thinking to stay in a backpacker guesthouse near the Hua lamphong station. Is it advisable to stay there?

    Thanks and keep safe po.

    • thanks for visiting the site Rade! living near the Hua Lamphong station is a good idea if you plan to travel to Siem Reap by train the next day as it would be convenient and cheap for you. just make sure you read the reviews of the place before you book your stay or you can do a walk-in if you want to 😉 just a precaution on the train ride: the travel time is around 6-6.5 hrs and if you easily get bored, i wouldn’t suggest this mode of transpo for you. but if you are not in a hurry and if you are travelling on a budget, then train it is! 🙂

      as for a backpacker guesthouse in SR, I have not been to one. you can try searching for them in Google and you will see a couple of dorm rooms or cheap rooms for singles. you have nothing to worry too since there are a lot of cheap guesthouses in Siem Reap.

      feel free to ask me questions if you have one and will definitely give you an answer if i have it 😉

  4. hi travelling feet! tnx to your blog coz we used it as one of our guides in our trip these days.. yeah, these days coz it’s our 2nd day in siem reap today. we followed yours and soloflighted’s 1st thailand&Cambodia trip.. we experienced tuktuk scammer in the border upon entering cambodia…the driver said it’s 8 baht per person (yeah, so good to be true) but we kept on asking him, clarifying the cost.. and when we reach our destination, he now says it’s 80. so, next tym, must ask the driver to write it down in a piece of paper or avoid what seems to be so good to be true..are there ways to avoid these travelling feet? by the way, i hope you’ll also post on “how to travel from siem reap to bangkok” coz, we wanted to reach bangkok tomorrow by 2pm or earlier..what can you suggests to us. hope you’ll reply soonest. at pwede bang mag-papicture sa inyo ni soloflighted before we left? hehehe..

    • hello ching! too bad you had a misunderstanding on the price of your tuktuk ride going to the border. i guess searching the fares of these rides could have prevented this. coz normally the rate for a tuktuk ride is around 60 baht up depending on your haggling skills. you can also verify the fares by using your hands to show how much they are asking. 😉

      it might be too late if i am to write a post on how to travel from Siem Reap to Bangkok in time for your trip tommorrow. but if you want to reach Bangkok earlier, you can book a sleeper bus going to the border tonight. but the bus fare is more expensive than the regular day bus. it will leave SR at around 2am and you will arrive in Poipet at around 7am (i think) then you can ride a bus going to Bangkok at the government bus terminal at the Rongkluea Market. fare is around 230 baht and travel time is 6 hours. or try to find the casino buses somewhere near 7-Eleven as these buses travel faster. you can refer to options 4 & 5 for the buses that you can ride back to Bangkok 😉

      natawa ako sa papicture. hehehe. but sure, we can meet up. sad to say, ed left for bangkok this morning so if ok lang sa inyo, tayo nalang mag meet up 😉

      • hi travelling feet! sorry for late reply. we just arrived in bou savy from temple hopping. of course, we want to meet u. Can we still meet you at this time? Is it okay if we meet in Triangle Mart located in the intersection near Sokha Hotel? or, maybe u can suggest a place 😀

            • ei, just call me doi 😉
              also, if you want to buy discounted turnovers and pastries, you can head over to Lucky Mall. they sell all their breads at 50% off starting at 8pm. it’s just 3 minutes to 8 am not sure if there’s still some decent breads left but you might wanna go for it. see you in a while! 😀

                • hahaha. achievement jud??? 😆
                  but i had a great time meeting you guys too! thank you for contacting me and asking me to meet you guys. nalingaw ra kog chika ninyo. hehehe. i hope nalingaw ra sad mo 😉

  5. thanks! made me dream of siem reap and bkk again. natawa ako dun victory monument…. ang basa ko nung una victory monumento… hahahaha

    • hi Paula. thanks for dropping by. will probably post one in the next coming days 😉
      in the mean time, feel free to ask me questions in case you have one. i’ll attempt to answer them if i got the answer too. ehehehe

  6. This is very helpful, if i will take the option 6 because of time constraint and we will be staying overnight in Cambodia how many persons is allowed in Taxi cab? we will be a group of 5 adults family with elderly. Upon returning in Bangkok is there a Taxi Cab also? Thank you.

    • thank you vgie. 5 heads can fit inside a taxi cab. But if you are travelling with an elderly, the space may not be enough. You can try going there by van instead. when going back to bangkok, you can book tickets from where you will stay all the way to bangkok. price starts at $8.50 up. you will ride a bus going to the border then a minivan going to bangkok. I hope that answers your question 😉

  7. Hi Doi! I’m travelling to cambodia from bangkok this october and i’m glad to have found your post. Really very helfpful. 🙂 was wondering though, the casino buses from lumphini park does it have more than one trip from the 6-9am schedule? I’m arriving in bangkok at 6 am kasi. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey Kat, am glad you found the post useful 🙂 I think the Casino buses travel to Aranyaprathet till 9:30 am. If you are arriving at 6am, check out these options:

      Airport – taxi to Lumphini Park
      Airport – Airport Link to Makkasan Station – taxi to Lumphini Park
      Airport – Airport Link to Makkasan Station – walk a few meters and ride Phetchaburi MRT station – stop at Lumphini Station – cross street to Lumpini Park
      Airport – Airport Link to Phaya Thai BTS – go up and ride BTS train to Asok – go down and ride MRT train to Lumphini Park – stop at Lumphini Station – find Lumphini Park (this one’s the farthest since iikot ka pa but less hassle since you’ll be walking sa BTS and MRT stations, not on the road)

      Finding the Casino buses at the park might be tricky since the park is huge and I’m not familiar anong side ng park nakapark ang buses.

      If you can’t make it in time for the buses at Lumphini Park, you can take option # 3.
      Airport – Airport Link to Phaya Thai – transfer station and get off at Victory Monument – find vans going to Aranyaprathet. Di ko nga lang sure till what time the vans will be there.

      To fully understand the distance of the options mentioned, check this image of the MRT and BTS of BKK

      Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip! 😉

  8. Hi ate, gusto ko lang sana magtanong, arrival kasi nmin sa bangkok ng 1am, cebu pacific, meron bang bus going to aranyaphratet ng madling araw? ksi one day lng kmi sa siam reap.. ang bblik na kmi by night sa bangkok, is that possible? MAY byahe po ba ng gab from siam reap to bangkok.. thank u so much
    please email me mitey17[@]yahoo.com
    thank u thank u

    • Hello Michelle,

      530am ang pinakamaagang bus from BKK to the border. That’s 3 hrs travel time then another 3 hours from border to Siem Reap. 2 hrs max ang time spent sa immigration. So that’s more or less 8 hrs travel time. Pinakamaagang time darating kayo ng Siem Reap is 2pm if you travel the same day. May 2am trip from Siem Reap to border the next day kasi walang night trips from Siem Reap to Bangkok so next day na kayo nyan makakabalik ng Bangkok.

      If you want, you can hire a taxi going to the border as soon as you land in BKK para you arrive early sa border and you can cross na. then spend 3-4 hours lang sa SR then dapat 4pm hire a taxi going to the border and make sure you get there before the border closes. Then hire taxi again going back to bangkok if di kayo makahanap ng bus going there. This one involves a lot of money kasi mahal ang pag hire ng taxi.

  9. Thank u for your response.
    how about yung sa Monchit bus terminal?
    sabi m umaalis yung bus at 3:30am.
    what time po ba nag open ang close ang border?
    what time ang last bus going back to
    if ever kailngan pala nmin mag stay for 1day in siem reap.
    di ko po msydo
    maintndhan psemsya n
    po. slamat.

  10. thanks Doi! this is a very comprehensive guide! ibu-bookmarked ko to ng bonggang bongga! wah naexcite ako lalo sa trip ko to Thailand next year. natatakot kasi ako dahil baka maligaw-ligaw ako dahil ako lang mag-isa pero dahil sa mga posts nyo mas lalo akong nagiging confident mag-cross border! yehey salamat ng madami!

  11. Hello Ms. Doi!

    Thanks for this post. I am planning to visit BKK and SR come March 2013. Very helpful ang post mo. I wonder if may other solo backpakers din ang mag travel on that time. I hope to meet at least one. Hehehe.. Parang gusto ko i-try ung sa Casino Bus sa Lumphini park kasi double-decker and mukhang mas mabilis tska diretso sa border instead sa Rungklua market. More power sa blog mo. Godbless

    • Thanks Marc. I’m glad you found this post useful. As for solo backpackers, be alert lang and see if you’ll find someone who’s travelling alone (whether Pinoy or foreigner) and be friendly lang and don’t hesitate to start the conversation. hehehe. Goodluck on your trip! 😉

  12. Hi ate..
    i have a question po ulit.. sa Feb na po kmi ppnta ng Thai and Cambodia
    kapag po ba umalis kmi ng 1pm sa siem reap may aabutan pa kaming bus going back to bangkok around 4 pm?
    ang ung pabalik po bang bus to bangkok is dadaan ng lumphini park or it depends? ksi sa Suk 11 po kmi nagpareserve.. pero sna po may ma recommend k pong cheap hostel in bangkok and siem reap.. thank u po.. salamat po ulit

    Michelle ramos

    • Hello Michelle,

      I think meron pang available na casino bus, government bus or minivan going from Aranyaprathet to Bangkok. You can tell the bus conductor to drop you off at the nearest BTS/MRT station that is near Lumphini Park. as for cheap hostels in Bangkok there are many guesthouses near Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri. As for Siem Reap naman, check out Victory Guesthouse since they offer cheap room rates in Siem Reap 😉

  13. Hi Doi

    We will be going to bangkok and seam reap this march and we will be staying at lub d silom which is near lumphini park. Ask ko lang po where exactly in lumhpini park makikita yung buses going to Aranyaprathet? Mukha kasing malaki yung park baka mahirapan kami i locate yung buses. Thank you! =)

      • Thanks!

        Your blog has been really helpful in planning my Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam trip this March.
        Have you tried going to Vietnam from Cambodia by land?
        Before going to Cambodia kelangan na ba talaga magpapalit ng mga USD?

        Thanks again. =)

        • Hello Al,
          I’m glad you found the site useful. As for Vietnam, I haven’t gone there pa. If you are travelling to Cambodia, you don’t need to change your USD. Cambodia uses USDs as their currency aside from the Riel. Exchange rate is $1 = 4000 Riel = 40 pesos. So basically, you can use your dollar in Cambodia 😉

  14. Hi Doi, Thanks for all the info that youve provided. Me and my friends are planning to do a day trip from bkk to seam reap. We will take the casino at the lumphini park then ride taxi direct to angkor wat. My question is, are there available casino buses on our way back? Assuming we leave 4pm, we will arrive at a max 7pm at the border. Will there be a casino bus by 8pm?

  15. Hi Doi,

    You have a really useful blog here about trips from Thailand to Cambodia, I am in Bangkok and will have to do visa run to Poipet in Cambodia in March. I would like to catch Casino buses from Lumpini as I leave only 15min from Lumpini park.
    I read through your blog but to be on the safer side and have latest info as to not miss the bus, I have a few questions:

    -Do casino buses leave for Aranyaprathet every day or only on certain days? I plan to go on Friday morning.
    -When exactly do casino buses leave Lumpini (you mentioned though that they leave as soon as they are full)? Are there really more buses and from when to when are they there waiting for sure at the park?
    -Is advance booking possible at all?
    I really wouldn’t like to miss it, because I plan to go on my last day of visa validity.

    Thank you for your answers in advance.


    • Hello Borut,

      I am happy to know that you found the blog useful. To answer your questions, here they are in the following order:
      – Yes, casino buses leave everyday from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet. You can ride a casino bus to the Aranyaprathet border when you travel on Friday morning.
      – I believe the first trip of the casino bus leaves at 5:30 am with a 30-minute interval. So once the bus gets full, you have to wait for the next bus which leaves at 6am, then there’s the 6:30am, 7am, 730am, so forth and so on until 9am (i think).
      – I am not sure if advance booking is possible but casino buses travel daily so do not worry since you will find one early in the morning everyday.
      If you want the cheaper, scenic trip and the longer ride, you can also take the train at the Hua Lamphong station. The train leaves daily at 5:55am too and you only have to pay 48 baht for the 6-hour train ride. 😉 You can book the train ride in advance, in case you want to know 🙂

      Goodluck with your visa run!

  16. Thanks for always replying Doi. I have another question. In Cambodia do they accept US pennies or only the bills? Thanks =)

    • Hi Al, US pennies are not accepted in Cambodia. They only accept US bills except for the 2-dollar bills, which I don’t know why. But other than pennies and the 2-dollar bills, you can use any US dollar bills in Cambodia 🙂

  17. Hi Doi! I’m Kem from Cebu.

    I would like to know if what can you suggest to my upcoming BKK-Cambodia trip this May 5-9, 2013.

    My first concern is that, me and my two other girl friends will arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport on May 5 at 19:10. We decided to directly go to Hua Lumphong Station and just wait there until the next day for the earliest train ride to Aranyaporathet to save an overnight stay. My question, is it allowed to stay in Hua Lamphong Station for the night?

    Second is on May 7 at around 14:00-15:00 we planned to travel to Pattaya from Aranyaprathet. Our problem is that we cannot find a reliable source as to the availability of transportation and the cost of directly going to Pattaya. We prefer minivans but we don’t have information as to where to find them, what are the schedules available, how long will it take and if it’s a safe route? We wanna be in Pattaya no later than 19:30 because we booked a show that starts at 21:00. If this plan is not feasible, what can you suggest for us to make it on time?

    Lastly, what is the minivans and buses schedules leaving Pattaya to BKK that could bring us to BKK no later than 18:30? It is because we booked a hostel in Khao San Road and a dinner cruise at 20:00.

    I hope to hear from you very soon. I’m already two nights sleep deprived due to making arrangements for this trip. Even though May is still months away, I just wanna settle this matter for me to be back on my normal zone. Forgive me for having so many queries, I only want to make the 4-day trip memorable and worth it. God bless you!

    • Hello Kem,

      Yes you can stay outside the train station. There are also people who sleep outside while they wait for the train terminal to open. Or you can go to Khao San Road when you arrive and check out the area and party or have dinner. Then you can start heading to the train station later after 12 midnight.

      I haven’t been to Pattaya. I’m sorry if I can’t help you with your questions regarding Pattaya. But you can always ride a train at the Hua Lamphong Station in going there or you can find minivans along Victory Monument.

      Kem, I am actually confused with your schedule. If you are planning to cross the borders and go to Siem Reap, Cambodia, you won’t have enough time to make it for your Pattaya trip.

      Since you mentioned that you will arrive on May 5th at 7pm and will leave for Aranyaprathet on the 6th, you will arrive in Siem Reap (if this is your plan and will take the train) after 3pm. Please bear in mind that it takes approximately 10 hours to travel from Bangok to Siem Reap by train+taxi (7 hours if by bus+taxi) You will need at least 1 whole day to visit the temples in Angkor Wat. That means it will eat up May 7th. Then you can leave for Bangkok on May 8 and arrive in the city by 6pm. You’ll have time to roam around the city from May 8 (evening) till May 9th.

      If you really want to be in Pattaya on May 7th, I suggest that you don’t go to Siem Reap and just concentrate on creating an itinerary for your trip around Thailand.

      I hope this helps. Thanks!

  18. Hi doi! Pupunta ko thailand this mar27-30. Since nalibot ko na bkk last dec eh plan ko magside trip sa siam reap. Possible ba na mar 28 eh papaunta nko ng siam reap. Plan ko sumakay ng bus sa lumphini park ng 5am para before magopen ang thai immigration ng 8am eh nakapili nako. Tapos pabalik ako ng thailand ng march30 ng 7am. Kasi 6pm flight ko pabalik nh manila. I have one whole day for the angkor wat tour (mar29). Mamimili lang kasi ko sa thailand para sa online store ko ng march 27. Salamat! Sa bou savy ko plan magavail ng one day tour nila.

    • Hello Lei!

      Can I ask a question? What time will you arrive in Bangkok on the 27th?

      If maaga ka dumating ng Siem Reap sa 28th, like by lunch time, I would suggest you start your tour agad. Kontratahin mo ang tuktuk driver na half day ka ng 28 and half day ng 29. I would suggest you go back to the border 29 after lunch para di ka gipit sa time. Please bear in mind na almost 8-9hrs ang travel time in crossing borders from Thailand to Cambodia (vice versa). So di ka aabot sa 6pm flight mo if 7am ka ng March 30 aalis ng Siem Reap.

      I asked what time you will arrive in Bangkok on the 27th kasi if you really want, unahin mo si SR then after you get back ka na mamili.

      I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you still have any Lei 😉

  19. Hi… Maybe you can help us on our trip… Our flight details MNL-Siem Reap on May 21,2013 5pm
    I think we will be staying in Siem Reap for 4 days & then we’re going to Bangkok… We will leave bangkok on the 27th of May 12am going back to Manila…

  20. Hi,
    Thanks for your blog, very useful. We took the casino bus from Bangkok it was perfect…
    Now we have almost finished our journey and we plan to go back to Bangkok crossing the border at Koh Kong> Do your know if there is any casino buses from Trat or somewhereelse to Bangkok…
    Yhanks again


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