Why You Should Start Downloading the Traveloka App When Looking for Cheap Airfares

traveloka mobile booking app

Travelling has become my vice. Some people might get the impression that I have lots of money stashed somewhere, which allows me the freedom to visit different travel destinations year round. I wish that’s true. That I have gazillions of funds. The truth is I get the chance to travel to different places because I book my plane tickets months in advance. When I say months, it means six months up to a year. This will make it easy for me to start saving up for the money I’ll be needing for the trip too. My last out of the country 3-week trip in November 2016, which I booked 8 months prior on Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare promo, would have only cost me 1.9k pesos (~$40USD) for a roundtrip fare via Manila to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur to Manila had I not made a side-trip to Taiwan. But that’s another story to tell soon.

With the availability of cheap promo fares from different budget airlines in the Philippines, travelling has become a trend. And despite my effort to travel on a budget and score the cheapest airfares possible, sometimes the force is too strong on certain destinations that you’d immediately book flights on short notice. It’s a good thing that for these spur-of-the-moment decisions, I came to know Traveloka, an online booking site where you can find the best deals for flights and hotel bookings.

traveloka mobile app

What is Traveloka

Traveloka is a travel booking app for domestic and international destinations. This Jakarta-born company has partnered with more than 70 domestic and international airlines, serving up to 100,000 routes throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and America. The company has also more than 100,000 available hotel listings in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world, which makes it easy for travel junkies out there to go out and explore the world.

Why use Traveloka

Whenever I book flights for my travels, my go-to place would always be the official website of the airline company I’m booking. Why? Because I have trust issues. Just kidding! But really, I have this mentality that you will get the best deals with your flight bookings when you book only at the airline company’s website.

That mentality changed when I got to know Traveloka better. The company’s name actually speaks for itself because with the constant promos they are offering, you’ll really go loca! Nothing beats the cheap airfares being offered at Traveloka.

How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

Almost weekly, Traveloka releases promo codes that you can use for your flight bookings. These flight discounts are only available on the mobile app so you need to download it on your phone. Downloading is easy. You just need to register your information and a verification code will be sent on your phone. Once done, you will start seeing the promos available. Take note that if you don’t register and confirm your information on the mobile app, you will not see the the latest promo offerings available in there.

When you are booking your flights, follow the necessary steps, which includes keying in your vital information. Once you confirm your booking details and just before you make a payment, click the button that says “USE COUPON” and enter the promo code available. These promo codes can be found on Traveloka’s website, on their Facebook Page, on the app’s homescreen or when on the payment screen as shown below, you can see ‘Ongoing Promo’ when you click that three dot on the right hand corner of the screen.

using promo codes with traveloka
here’s me booking for a March flight from Cebu to Manila 🙂

Once you know the promo code, type it in and you will see the discounted amount you need to pay for your flight bookings. What’s even more amazing is the fact that when airline companies offer promos on their website, those same prices appear in Traveloka. And when you add in Traveloka’s promo codes, your plane fare will be discounted even more. How cool is that?

Is Traveloka Legit

To be honest, I was hesitant at first when I tried booking a plane ticket with Traveloka. You know that feeling when anxiety kicks in that you have to ask yourself “Am I really doing this?” “Am I going to trust this app to book my flight?” It was like feeling torn apart for being disloyal to your favourite airline websites. But the need to book cheap airfares is stronger. The extra discount offered when using Traveloka promo codes will go a long way in your travel budget.

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On the last weekend of January, I got an invitation to visit Ilocos Sur’s unique adventure hub on the second week of February. Due to the time factor, I know that I will have to shell out more than my usual airfare budget. And with the help of friends who have already tried using the app, I got convinced to try to book my tickets with them. This was the first time I used Traveloka. I hurriedly compared the website rates vs. the rates from the app and the prices are the same. The only difference is that if I book my tickets using the app, I’ll get to save a few bucks when booking my plane tickets with just a two-week’s notice. So I did the unthinkable and booked my first flight with them.

Guess what happened next?

Everything went smoothly. All those worries were basically a waste of time. Booking via the Traveloka mobile app was seamless and the promo codes worked indeed! And to make sure that it was a legitimate transaction, I immediately went to the airline’s official website to confirm my flight details and it’s all in there.

From that point on, I got sold. The Traveloka app is indeed useful most especially for those last minute bookings.

How to Use the Traveloka App

So here’s how to use the Traveloka Mobile App. Once you have the app downloaded on your phone, you just need to click on the ‘Flights’ button from the homescreen. Then enter your travel dates like you would normally do when booking a flight and press the ‘Search’ button.
traveloka flight schedules

You will then see the different flight schedules from different airlines all at once. This makes it easy for you to choose what flight schedule you want and how much you are willing to pay for the flight because you will see the plane ticket prices as well. As soon as you made your choice with the time of your flight, you can then click that schedule and you’ll have to enter your contact and passenger details. You can also book for other people in there too. Afterwich, you will see a screen that lets you review your booking details. Once you hit the ‘Continue’ button, you will be taken to the payment screen and this is where you can enter your promo code (as shown on top). Aside from using your credit/debit card to pay for the transaction, you can also pay through over-the-counter channels like 7-Eleven, M Lhuillier, BDO and other accredited banks by Traveloka.

There’s a time limit given to complete the transaction so be sure to settle the payment within that time-frame. Once payment is made and verified, you will then receive a text message from Traveloka confirming your e-ticket summary. The information contains details about your flight number, destination and flight reference code. You can verify all of these by going back on your mobile app and checking your e-ticket. Your e-ticket and your official receipt will be sent on the email you used to register too.

traveloka flight confirmation
My Traveloka e-ticket for my upcoming flight

This is how your e-ticket looks like. What I like about this feature is that you can share this as a screenshot or as a PDF file via email. This is most handy when showing your e-ticket at the airport.

To look for your booked flights, you can easily go back to the Traveloka app, click the ‘My Booking’ button and you will see your active and past bookings.

The deals offered at Traveloka are really a breath of fresh air especially for these trying times when I had to break my rule of booking only cheap flights when going on spontaneous trips. Ever since I got introduced to this wonderful booking app, I got hooked and have been booking my flights with them.

traveloka booking history
My past and present bookings with Traveloka 🙂

So far, I have two flights lined up in the next two months. I’ll be needing to purchase a ticket for a May flight too and I’m 200% sure I’ll be using the Traveloka app to get me the best flight deals.


P.S. If you’re concerned that you won’t get any GetGo points converted if you book for a Cebu Pacific flight, there’s no need to worry. You can simply submit a request for the missing points on the GetGo website and once they find your booking details, they will automatically credit points to your GetGo account. That’s what I did for the February flights I booked via the mobile app 🙂


  1. Hi!

    If booked with budget airlines such as cebu pacific via traveloka would i still be allowed a free 7kg carry on? I read on one blog that there is no free carry on luggage if booked through a third party.

    What’s your experience in this? Thanks!

    • Hi Hazel,

      If you book through Traveloka, you will still get your free 7 kilos carry on. That’s standard procedure.
      For Cebu Pacific, you can easily retrieve your booking from Traveloka on the Cebu Pacific website to add more to your baggage. But if you book Air Asia and PAL using Traveloka, you will have a difficult time adding baggage from their main website so for these other 2 carriers, I suggest you add baggage the moment you book your flights with Traveloka. Cebu Pacific is more friendly in terms of add-on baggage if purchased from 3rd party sites. Hope this answers your question.

    • Hey Ruth, I guess for domestic flights, you can just show the eticket from your phone. For international flights, you need to print it in case the Immigration Officials look for your ticket

    • Hi Rosario,

      I haven’t read the news but for your bookings made with Cebu Pac, you can directly see it sa website mismo ni Cebu Pacific. Just use the reference code given to you by Traveloka 🙂

  2. Hi Ma’am, how to check po yung bookings kapag sa AirAsia? Can’t find it on their website, di ko alam saan iinput yung booking reference from Traveloka.

    • Wala po ba dun sa area kung saan pwde ka magcheck-in? Paki check Gel and see if you can access your booking once you enter the information. I forgot na kasi. Mukhang nagbago ang interface ng website ni Air Asia.

  3. how about those delayed flights, rescheduled flights? will you be notified by the airline via text or email? (as what the direct airlines does) or is it traveloka who does inform you that your flight delays, rescheduled?

  4. Hi! Ok lang po kaya na ako mgbooking sa friend ko pero hindi ako kasama na mgtravel? Ako po kasi ang may traveloka app. Wla po kaya maging problem sa airport? Hoping for your reply.

    • If flight booking, I think you can book for them. But if it’s a hotel booking, make sure you place their names under the booking reservation. Also don’t forget to let them print out their bookings – flight or hotel.

    • Hi Rae, I think you can only request GetGo points if you add your GetGo number upon initial booking. Before you can still request for one eh. But unsure about this. You can tweet them to ask about it. They reply faster on Twitter. 😉

  5. Hi, i still have trust issues though. Haha, it’s my first time kasi to book with them. How would I know if the payment I made for the hotel via traveloka was confirmed? Thank you! ?


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