Travelling Solo to Cagayan de Oro


Last weekend, I got the chance to scratch one item off my bucket list. That was to go on a solo trip. After analyzing that I could make this trip work without having to spend too much the same way as those cheap holiday deals to Paphos, I no longer hesitated and booked my flight to the City of Golden Friendship.

aerial view of the Chocolate Hills in Boholenjoying the view of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills up in the air

Actually it wasn’t technically a solo trip since I made arrangements to join some friends when they went to CDO. However, I flew in Cagayan de Oro City a day earlier and when my friends missed their flight and booked for the last flight going to the city, it gave me more time to explore the city on my own. 2 months ago, I went on a solo trip to Davao City and last month, I also went on a solo trip to Surigao City. But I don’t believe I should count those trips since I was to meet travel buddies from my travel group within a 24-hr period plus I met people who aided me on where to go. The CDO trip was different. I was on my own in an unfamiliar territory, well at least for the next 24-hours.

Gate going out of Lumbia Airportwalking towards the airport gate’s exit to ride a jeepney

I had 3 nights and 2.5 days to explore the city of Cagayan de Oro. I even thought of going to Camiguin Island or Bukidnon for a day tour but due to unexpected issues at work, I had to forget about those plans and worked on checking for budget holidays that would still allow me to enjoy my trip without emptying my pockets.

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! NOTpeople hanging out at Divisoria engrossed with a movie shown on a big screen

On my first night, I simply explored the whole stretch of Divisoria, a road in CDO which wasΒ transformedΒ into a lively night market during Fridays and Saturdays. This was the first time I saw too many ukay ukay being sold in the streets. I also got the chance to see folks enjoying their super budget meals as if they were attending a cocktail event at some posh place. The Divisoria Night market is one great place to go on a foodtrip as you’ll be able to find different food varieties. And of course, I had my own food trip session too! πŸ˜€

eating while standingthe art of eating while standing

discovered this steel bridge while touring the city

What’s great about travelling solo is that you own your time. You do not wait for others nor do they wait on you. You have the freedom to choose your adventure at your own pace. And this was what I did on my second day. I planned to wake up late but didn’t so after finishing some reports, I went out to tour the city. At the last minute, I decided to jump in a jeepney heading for the Macahambus Cave in Talakag, CDO. The girl who went with me inside the cave couldn’t believe I was travelling alone.

Macahambus Caveentered the Macahambus Cave

Less than 15 minutes after, we finished our cave exploration and they encouraged me to go to the Macahambus Adventure Park and try out their hanging sky bridge, zip line and rappelling. After expressing my worry of not being able to find a jeepney going home, the staff of the park suggested I hitch a ride on their manager’s motorcycle as he was headed to the city after the park closes. I agreed on that arrangement and got the chance to walk in the three sky bridges and zip lined after.

sunset in CDOhitched a ride going to the city with this view unfolding before me

When I met my friends on my second night and told them what I’ve been doing, my friend looked more worried than I am and to think that she is from CDO. She mentioned that she couldn’t do what I did if she was placed in my shoes. Her fear would consumer her.

I realized that there are still lots of folks who are not open to the idea of solo travelling as they tend to hesitate and think of the what ifs and what nots. I reassured my friends that there’s nothing they should be afraid of. I also have this thinking that if it’s my time, it’ll be my time (I hope it’s not soon though. LOL) so I should try to make the most out of it.

My trip to Cagayan de Oro City was an eye opener for me as I got the opportunity to discover new places on my own. I guess other folks were right about what they say of solo travelling, that you’ll get the chance to discover yourself more and you’d be surprised with its outcome.

And as for me, my travelling feet can’t wait for its next travel adventure, solo or not! πŸ˜‰


  1. doi! una ang ganda ng mga kuha mo ang galing. pwede ka na bumili ng dslr hehe. second, ganun ata talaga kapag di ka local ng sa isang lugar. mas malakas loob mo kesa sa kanila hehe

    galing! more solo travels for you (in a happy way)

    • lol. thank you jerome! wala pa akong budget for DSLR πŸ˜‰
      sana marealize din ng karamihan na hindi naman ganun ka scary mag solo travel and maybe they can try doing baby steps to let go of their comfort zones at maging independent when it comes to travelling πŸ™‚

  2. I am always excited about CDO post. kasi we’ll be there in Feb with my family. So since it would be our first time, all eyes at all ears ako sa mga post re CDO na pwede kong magamit on the said travel. Natuwa ko sa if it’s your time, it’s your time. hehe. you na talaga. Truly, CDO is tagged for being the golden friendship city kasi they let you hitch! πŸ™‚

    • hahaha. will try to write all about my travel adventure to CDO before you go there mitch! but a must-do ang white water rafting ng CDO and go for the advanced level agad ha πŸ˜‰

    • ahahaha. you should try it Dys! had more solo trips after this one and enjoy naman πŸ˜€ go go go sa solo travel! just always stay safe and be cautious all the time ha πŸ˜‰ enjoy!

  3. I’m not meant for solo traveling ata. Something bad always comes up. And so, I ENVY YOU! πŸ™‚

    Been to CDO last 2009. Aside from the white water rafting, andami rin palang must-sees. πŸ™‚

    • in that case, change your outlook alltogether Kaiz! make sure you think of positive vibes to attract positive energy! char! but honestly, that’s what I was afraid of before but I was able to overcome that fear. beside, that’s the worst thing that can happen to you, right? sometimes, bad things are bound to happen but let’s not make that dampen our travelling spirits!

      as for the must-see places, yeah! andami nga! not only in CDO but in neighboring provinces too! go solo na! kaya mo yan! πŸ˜€

    • wow. thank you so much mach! kaya mo yang solo trip na yan. nothing’s impossible if you have will power and determination. goodluck sa trip mo! πŸ˜€

  4. I guess you only visited few tourist spots in Cagayan de Oro. Marami pang lugar ang pwede mong bisitahin tulad ng Mapawa Nature Park. I hope you could visit Cagayan de Oro again and try going to Camiguin and Dahilayan.

  5. Traveling alone is just like boring but, you proved that it’s the opposite. Maybe for me, I would prefer to travel alone because, I can do everything that I want. Hiking, biking, swimming and many more. As long as you’re confident, courageous and willing to do it in your own, there’s no need to be with someone else. Don’t you worry, you can meet someone along the way. Thanks to this blog. It added some confident on me now.

  6. You should visit Cagayan de Oro again! I suggest you try river rafting and of course after that eat out. Food here is cheaper compared to other metropolitan cities. Dahilayan Adventure park is just 2 hours away from the city, you can get there easily since there are shuttles who travel there now.

  7. CDO has improved its tourism, You should visit again and go to Mapawa nature park, Dahilayan Adventure park, white water rafting and etc.! I’m also inspired by this post. I’m planning to go on a solo adventure, and just probably start here in CDO since it’s my home, and then visit other places outside CDO!


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