On Our Way To Guimaras Island


Our call time to leave for Guimaras was 8am. We left Ong Bun Pension House at around 10am. And since Edwin had been to the place before, he was positive that we could still maximize touring the island of Guimaras even if we started the tour late.

Kofi Nook in Iloilo City

After seeing a signage showing meals for 39, 45 and 49, we stopped by Kofi Nook and had our late breakfast before we headed to the Ortiz Port.

After asking around to determine what jeepney we need to ride going to the port, we rode the one labeled JARO CPU.

SSS Building Iloilopassing by the SSS building

When we passed by the SSS Building Ed and Edwin started asking the other passengers where we need to get off since Edwin remembered getting off the SSS building on his last trip to the island. Before we realized it, we were already far from that building. We immediately asked the driver to drop us off and since we were cheapskates, we just walked all the way to that building. It was, i think, a 15-minute walk going back.

going to ortiz portwalking to what we thought leads to the Ortiz Port

Edwin led us to this road which he thought would lead to the pier. However, we can’t see any signs of the sea. It was a good thing that the locals in the area were kind enough to tell us we just had to turn right to get to the port. We thought there was a road at the end of the block but what we found was a human path way instead. We then wondered if we were really in the right place.

going to ortiz portgetting lost going to the Ortiz Port

The farther we walked, the more were we getting deeper into that neighborhood. We just walked and walked and walked, making turns whenever we saw one. Occassionally we were told to follow the path when people in that area sensed we were kinda lost. Then finally, we saw the port. That was really a good experience – being lost. I bet the neighborhood in that area wondered who we were or why did we choose that path to get to the port.

fare from Iloilo to Jordan Port in Guimarasboat fare to Guimaras is only P13.00

After paying Php 13.00 and writing our names in the Boat Manifesto we boarded the boat going to Jordan Port in Guimaras.

signing the boat manifestowriting down all our names just in case…

Ortiz Port in Iloilo Citythe boat looked like the ones we rode when I went to Caramoan.

referring to the Lonely Planet: PhilippinesEdwin’s Lonely Planet book proved useful when we had no idea where we’re headed

I think this was the only trip I went where I never bothered researching the area. I thought that Guimaras was just a small island and we can immediately go to the beach. The night before the trip, I managed to check out a few blogs on where to go. I read that Raymen beach in Alubihod is too crowded. Guisi was a favorite of some blogs I visited. But since this was farther and we don’t have the time, we opted to visit the nearer areas instead.

seeking the help at the Tourism station in Guimarasseeking help from the tourism station outside the port of Jordan

When we arrived, we went to the Tourism station and tried to check where we need to go in the limited time we have. There were a couple of tricycle drivers who were tailing behind trying to get our attention to hire their trike. After checking out the map at the station, we agreed to go to the Trappist Monastery first then head to Alubihod and then off to the town of Navalas and exit Guimaras from the Buenavista port.

Up Next…

cogongrass fieldplaying with ants and cogon grass

caving in Villa Igangchecking out the caves in Villa Igang


    • yeah, lost as in lost in space 😆 bitaw, at least naabot gihapon ta sa ato destination. balik nya ta guimaras! dapat 4 na imo extra bat! 😆


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