Mga Badlungon sa Guisi Lighthouse


Guisi lighthouse

This rusting 18th century lighthouse in Guisi had writings that said “Guina diLi an ang Pag saKa Kay diLiKado”. In English, it meant “No one is allowed to climb up since it is dangerous”. So upon seeing that warning, we didn’t bother climbing since we weren’t too sure if this old lighthouse was stable enough to hold our weight. We  just took our pictures below.




But when the care taker of the place asked us if we’d like to climb up and gave us the go signal to do so we hurriedly climbed those rusting stairs leading to the top!

What’s worse is that Ed climbed the top most part of the light house 😆 Confused? When you reach the top of the lighthouse, definitely you’ve reached the top, right? Well, there’s this pedestal on top of the top of the lighthouse 😆 and Ed climbed that one too!

Let me show you…

ed’s foot standing on that cemented pedestal

holding ed’s feet in case the wind blows in our direction – as if this would help. hahaha

A boat passed by with passengers bound for an island hopping tour and we can hear the boatmen shouting at us and scolding Ed to get down from where he was standing but he just turned a deaf ear on them 😆 This was pretty dangerous, and should we have been in another country where we couldn’t understand the language, somewhere in Europe like Germany, we may have needed some kind of German medical translation to help us resolve the problem.

ed on top of the top with edwin

the view from the top of the Guisi Lighthouse was simply breathtaking

Aside from this magnificent view from the top of the Guisi Lighthouse, we also discovered another haven at the foot of the hill at the Kenyama’s Beach Resort.


    • hahaha. we got permission from the care taker to climb up but mas worried pa yung tricyle driver namin kesa samin. he was even against it and was arguing with the caretaker that we shouldn’t go up 😆

    • hi gael! it was nice meeting you too 😀

      yeah, hoping to more travels this year too. sana we can travel together din 😉

  1. wow! worth it ang pagiging pasaway. hahaha! uber ganda nga ng view. gagayahin ko kayo hahah! super makakatulong talaga to sa trip ko. thanks!

    • hahaha. kura, please make sure you get confirmation from the caretaker na safe pa rin akyatin ang lighthouse ha coz kinakalawang na talaga sya. as for climbing the topmost part, i hope you don’t do it unless you’re used to doing dangerous stunts like those. please climb at your own risk nlng ha. 😀


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