Lavender Fields


lavender fields of Provence

I’d do anything to be able to witness such beauty. I can just imagine the smell of those lavenders greeting you as the dawn breaks…

To date, nothing has replaced this postcard as my favorite from all the postcards I have received via Postcrossing. I received this postcard from Esther of Netherlands she mentioned that she loves the smell of lavender and she finds the colour very pretty too. Yeah, I agree with her and if only I could teleport to this side of the world and lie down in these fields of lavender. I wish Harry Potter will provide me a portkey so that I can disappear here…

Because of Postcrossing, I was able to receive random postcards and stamps from all over the world. This is the start of my Postcard Project where in I’d be publishing here the random postcards I’ve received since I started joining Postcrossing and those that I’m yet to receive.

Postcard Origin: Netherlands
Date received: April 2010

Update: 07-19-2011

Stamp collected: Netherlands Stamp
stamp netherlands lavender fields

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