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team manila tshirt

Two months ago, I read this thread from Lilian of Wanderlass, in our Pinoy Travel Bloggers group in Facebook.

Honestly, I didn’t volunteer for the task just because I wanted to be called an angel or because of the promised token (hahaha). But since no one has volunteered for the task an hour after that thread was posted when I was still barely awake, AND since I’m ADDICTED to CODES and EXCEL, I didn’t hesitate to volunteer ;o)

After 5 hours, here’s what my Excel file looked like..

There was a total of 121 members at that time. My fingers were all over my keyboard trying to sort every name and separate those variables using the text to columns function and who knows what else I did. In the end, it all boiled down to these two images (please click to zoom out the images)

PTB HTML Code formula

And the end result looked like this one…

Since the codes were “generic” my fellow PTB friends could use them on their own websites by simply adding a page and pasting the very lengthy code just like what I have on my Pinoy Travel Blogger’s link.

On another note, Graciel Cecilio of Pinay on the Move  posted this shoutout a month before…

During my past travels, I’ve had a hard time bringing with me a duffel bag since it’s not ideal for super heavy loading being that you can only carry it either using its handles or via its sling which can only accomodate 1 shoulder (not ideal for the weight distribution of the whole bag). So when I saw Graciel’s inquiry on the best bag to give away as a prize for an upcoming contest on her bag, my ideal answer was immediately the Messenger bag. Some of our friends chose the Duffel bag too. Since it was a close fight between the 2 bags Graciel decided to let the winner choose what type of Timbuk2 bag they’d prefer.

And on April 18th, Pinay on the Move published its Win a travel gear and a chance to give back! contest. The rules were just simple so I tried to take a shot at it. While I was checking my mails on the 30th of April, I was really excited at what greeted me on one of my unread mails. It read “You are the winner of the timbuk2 travel bag”. Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I checked the link on the mail to verify that I was indeed the winner. I checked Graciel’s site again to see for myself that I really won the bag. Weeeeeeeeeeee! I was indeed the winner! hahaha.

So this article was actually created to show to you my freebies 😀 (not that i’m bragging ha) 😆

To Liliane Cobiao of, thank you for the Team Manila T-shirt token. Finally, I get to own one!

team manila tshirt

 To those who doesn’t know yet, Liliane is trotting the globe right now on her quest to complete a round-the-world trip. She was diving the Red Sea 2 days ago. Follow her adventures by checking out her Facebook Page or checking out her website.

To Graciel Cecilio, thank you for this wonderful contest and for introducing the CRIBS Foundation to those who were not even aware that such foundation existed. You really have a big heart 🙂

timbukt2 hidden messenger bag

 I love the Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag! It’s super lightweight and compact I can easily bring it as an extra bag wherever I go 😀 The double-sided zipper for the bag and the compact pouch is very cool too!

Graciel is currently based in the US but you can also follow her travel adventures at Pinay on the Move or you can check her Facebook Page too!

photo credit: Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag


  1. Cool!!! Dahl sa ipinamalas mong kasipagan at kanutihan ng loob, ikaw ay nabiyayaan ng magagarang kagamitan! Shalaaaaaaa! 😀

    Ang ganda nung bag!

    • hahaha. thanks rob! yeah, nice ang bag. although manipis sya, but i hope matibay sya 😀 have yet to find the perfect time to use it for my outdoor activties 😀


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