Hong Kong, Finally!


I remembered a conversation I had with friends before about what they think of Hong Kong. I was told that if not for cheap shopping deals and Disneyland, they wouldn’t go back to Hong Kong. Due to the size of this country, there’s really nothing else to do or see once you’ve visited the tourist attractions in the city, they said. People only go to Hong Kong because of Disneyland, they said.

Because of the bad feedback I got from friends, I delayed my plans of visiting HK. But after researching on things to do in Hong Kong, interesting information showed up online. Although HongKong was portrayed as a tiny island filled with high-rise buildings, there’s still so much to see in this country. Which was why despite the bad impressions my friends had, I booked round trip tickets (June 16-22) to see Hong Kong to prove them wrong back in 2011. But something came up and it forced me to cancel my travel plans. I again attempted in 2014 and bought tickets (Feb 20-26). Again, the trip got cancelled. It seems that both Hong Kong and I were not ready to meet yet.

And then 2017 happened.

Magnet flying with Cebu Pacific
#MagnettheBear looking over, excited to see HongKong finally

With Cebu Pacific’s constant promo fares, booking a trip to Hong Kong is always possible without hurting your wallets that much. So when the Philippines’ number one budget airline announced they’re selling off cheap airfares to local and international destinations, I immediately booked a ticket to visit Hong Kong.

Now that I recalled the past travels dates I held off, I find it amazing how I had to wait every three years before the attempt to visit HK was made. But this time, after 6 long years, my travelling feet finally found its way to Hong Kong. And boy was I glad I pushed through with this trip. For Hong Kong was such a sweet surprise.

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
rode the Peak Tram to get to Victoria Peak for this view

Everything was convenient and it was so easy to move around the city. I love modern cities. I really like cities that have convenient means of transportation. It’s something our country is lacking and I hope we get to have something like Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Japan or Brazil in the future.

There are many things to see and do in Hong Kong. I’m thankful for the unlimited information I found online as it helped me map out our itinerary on where to go. The most surprising thing while planning our HongKong itinerary was that I realised 5 days was not enough to explore the city. Well, I guess for those who don’t have the luxury of time and prefers visiting a tourist destination for a few minutes before moving on to the next, 5 days is too long. But with all the information I found online, it seemed too difficult to fit everything in a short span of time as there’s so much to discover in HK.

ocean park with iventure card
getting inside Ocean Park with iVenture Card 5-day pass

I’m just happy that the iVenture Hong Kong and Macau Attractions Pass exists for every tourists’ convenience. This pass gives a pass holder access to 14 of Hong Kong and Macau’s main tourist attractions including the famous Ngong Ping 360, Ocean Park, Macau Tower and HK’s Sky100 Observation Deck. Planning our itinerary became a breeze once we got this pass via Klook. Aside from the convenience it offers, getting an iVenture card will guarantee great savings for the numerous tourist attractions in HongKong. Had we not availed of the iVenture card, it would have been costly for us.

hongkong from sky100 observation deck
#MagnettheBear looking over HongKong from the Sky100 Observation Deck

After exploring Hong Kong with a side trip to Macau, I’d have to say that I’d like to go back here again someday. Due to time constraints, I skipped Disneyland. So when I get back, Disneyland will be on top of my list.

Despite some flaws, I find Hong Kong beautiful. I guess skipping Disneyland was meant to happen. That’d give me another reason to go back. I also like to visit the same places I went on my first trip here so I’m definitely getting the iVenture card to get me access to the other tourist attractions we missed, even those that we visited as well, without hurting my wallet.


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