Philippine Stamps

    Philippine Stamps

    Philippine Stamps

    I’ve been collecting postage stamps since I was in high school. My collection isn’t really that grand but I’ve accumulated quite a few stamps from the Philippines and from other countries and I’d like to share with you what I have collected starting with stamps from the Philippines.

    I have a few different stamp varieties that include those definitive stamps, commemorative stamps, special stamps, and all those other stamps like bird stamps and some history stamp.

    But honestly, I’m not a pro when it comes to collecting unlike those that are members of clubs like the Philippine Philately clubs. When I find any Phil Stamp or stamps from other countries, I immediately cut them from wherever they’re pasted and keep them.

    When I was surfing online, I discovered that in celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday anniversary, a special stamp was created for this occasion. I would love to have that special Philippine stamp in my collection and I guess I’ll be going on a trip to the post office soon just to buy that stamp. I haven’t bought any 2011 stamps yet so this trip is something I’m looking forward.

    I really don’t know what is it with stamps but I have always been fascinated by them. I’ve even asked my friends who are based in other countries to send me stamps from wherever they are just to keep my collection alive. Aside from that, I also joined this organization that swaps postcards so that I can also get stamps and postcards from different countries too. I’ll show you those postcards in another time.

    But if you are interested to join and receive postcards (and hopefully swap stamps too), check out! You only  have to spend for your stamps and postcards and the rest is history! 😀

    Postcards Exchange

    “send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”

    P.S. In case you’re a postcrosser, look me up here 😉


    1. Doy! i have some stamps that you could dig into for duplicates…actually it’s my mom’s but then again her collection has been with me since bata pa ta so technically it’s mine right? ^_^ i’ll find the collection first tapos i’ll search kanang naay duplicate and give it to you if you like.. (ang duplicates lang kay pangita-an nya ko hehehhehe)

    2. Thanks for the mention of postcrossing. I discovered the website because of you. I am now an avid member of postcrossing and sends postcards regularly.

      • wow! that’s nice to hear Gracilda. although I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible but I hope i can receive a postcard from you too. hehehe. enjoy postcrossing! 😀

      • wow! you collect stamps din pala? yeah, you should join! 😀 it’s nice knowing you’d receive postcards from random people across the globe and send one in turn. if lucky, they’d send you extra stamps for your stamp collections too! all you need to do is buy a postcard and then pay P14.00 ata to send it wherever. kayang kaya yan! 😉

    3. possible ba bumili sa post office ng stamps na maramihan na, instead of buying per piece every time na maghuhulog ako ng postcards? Mejo masungit kasi ung post mistress samin eh, as much as possible ayoko siya ka-transact kaya gusto ko bumili na ng marami para dikit n lang ng dikit and hulog! 🙂 pero pwede ba yun?

      • Hello Joee,

        Yes, possible na bumili ka nang sheet of stamps para maprepare mo na agad ang pagdikit sa mga ipadadala mo. Just make sure alam mo ang corresponding value ng stamp sa ipapadala mo para wala ng hassle 😉 Kung ayaw mo maka transact yung masungit na postmaster, pwde ka pumunta sa ibang post office at dun bumili.


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