Freediving and Getting a New Pair of Fins


Last Sunday, I went freediving with friends – Johnn and Edwin – at the Cebu Beach Club. Johnn’s other friends – Nykel, Nikko and Norman – joined us too (just realized their names start with N! lol ). Johnn, whom I fondly call E.J., is actually a fish in his past life (i think), coz he always lightens up at the mention or sight of sea water. hehehe. He’s also aspiring to become a professional free diver. So on his birthday, he invited us to join him to freedive at Mactan Island. We were supposed to go island hopping but the bad weather the previous day was to be blamed for the change of our diving venue.

When Johnn sent the invitation, I immediately said game to test my new snorkeling set. Even though I’m still struggling to learn how to dive, EJ assured me that he’ll help me learn how. He also brought an extra pair of fins to lend me since I didn’t have one yet.

learning how to divewith my diving master shifu, EJ, with me lagging behind 😉

Before we went to the open sea, EJ taught me how to dive in the swimming pool. I find it hard to swim in the swimming pool probably because of the lack of salt water. I was having a hard time catching my breath while preventing myself from drowning. After the diving lessons with Johnn, I finally got it. I finally learned how to dive! Wohoooo!

Well not really that well. At least I learned the basics and the logic that follows when one wants to dive.

freediving at Mactan CebuEJ, free-diving at Cebu Beach Club

Freediving (or free-diving) is a form of underwater diving that does not involve the use of scuba gear or other external breathing devices, but rather relies on a diver’s ability to hold his or her breath until resurfacing.

We went to the open sea soon after. We left the 3Ns at the shore since they’re not that crazy to freedive like us three. 😆 EJ and Edwin spent 3 hours free diving while I practiced to get the hang of it. I worked on my breathing since I always ran out of air when I decide to go for a dive. I panic too much when I find water rushing in my snorkel, you see. So I exerted more effort than the other two. I think I had more rest periods than freediving or snorkeling in there.

Despite my inability to join the other two giant fishes, the feeling of finally learning how to dive was overwhelming. It was addicting. I really love to swim and I can’t wait for our next freediving sessions. A date has already been blocked for our next diving adventure and I’m so excited to swim again to visit the colorful world down under.

mares fins - challenge full foot
photo credit: Mares Challenge Full Foot Fins

Since I can’t rely on EJ’s fins all the time, I bought my own pair today at R.O.X. at Ayala Center Cebu, the cheapest of the bunch that was a perfect fit for my travelling feet. weeeee.  Am so happy I completed my swimming gears. Rash guard – check. Board shorts – check. Snorkeling mask – check. Snorkel – check. Fins – check.

I can’t wait for next week to try out the new fins. The fins are from Mares, same as my snorkel set. The packaging says its size is EU 34/35. My feet’s size is playing around 5 t0 5 1/2. The fins are somewhat tight for my feet but I  guess that’s ok to also prevent it from slipping off when I swim. I hope I won’t injure my feet bones in the process though. hehe.

I hope the new Mares fins I bought will be my new bestfriend in swimming. I can’t really wait to test them in the waters. pramis! 😉

Oh, one more thing, swimming and free-diving can be addicting. You should try it! 😉

P.S. underwater photo credits goes to the bonggalicious Lakbay Diva!


    • hahaha. makaluha jud? 😆 you should be proud of yourself too EJ! maayo man ka motudlo! ikaw ra nakatudlo nakog dive out of 5 fails! thank you jud kaayo! i just hope i can dive with you guys longer na next time 😉 am so egggzitedddd!

  1. Nahan ko mokat-on og diving, pero panic na gyud ko pag naa na sa open sea, labaw na mkahinumdum ko nga dli nako mkatungkad lol. Palit sako og snorkel og mask unya practice sa swimming pool…

    Makaibog gyud ning Bisyo ni Edwin dah!

    • carry ra kaayo na sky! calma lang. unaha sguro pagkat-on mawala imo fear sa lalom if di na ka katugkad. later na sa ang diving 😉 once ma overcome na na nimo, practice lang pirmi then isunod na dayon ang diving. 😀

    • the fear of the deep is the fear of instability in water or of what might be there which you do not understand.

      The fins keep you stable while the snorkel and mask allow you to “see” and understand.

      I used to fear the deep waters, now I hunger for it. 🙂

      The water beckons. The ocean calls, the sea demands!


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