Finding The Best Authentic Food When Travelling


When visiting a new city you will always want to make sure you search for delicious food finds. Food tells a lot about the culture of a place since each city uses different ingredients, has favorite flavors and even makes unique dishes. But sometimes, it’s hard to find authentic food whenever you visit a new place. There are a lot of restaurants who say they do, but in fact you end up in a restaurant full of tourists who are being served with the most stereotypical dish of that region. It would be awesome to get a break from all of those tourist traps once in a while and instead find a local who can give you advice or even invite you in their homes to experience eating authentic home-cooked meals. Because after all, home-cooked meals are the best dishes in the world.

If you are looking for new travel trends on the internet, you’d probably check out this new start-up site called They want to redesign the travel industry to make it easier for the local people to earn some money with certain activities that they like to host. Withlocals offers tour packages, other exciting activities and home-cooked meals where locals get to host those travellers. Being the first company who offers home dinners in Asia, what the site intends to offer is pretty interesting.

dining with locals

For example, Khuong, a lovely lady from Hanoi is eager to inspire you in encouraging you to taste the variety of Vietnamese cuisines available in their region. She has two young children so it’s going to be an interesting cultural experience to dine with their family.

Another host from Hanoi, Duc, is offering a total home-dinner package. You can join him in buying the cooking ingredients needed for dinner at their local market. After that, he will share with you how they prepare each of their traditional Vietnamese dishes like spring rolls, sticky rice and bamboo shoots.

going to market with locals

These are just some of the highlights you will enjoy when you choose to avail the services of Withlocals in order to immerse yourself in a full eating experience in Vietnam.

As of the moment, Withlocals is only available in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. They are also planning to open their services to cater to tourists traveling to the Philippines soon. You can check out their website regularly for more updates. As a local, you can grab the chance to become a host too.



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