Why Toilet Hopping at Terminal 21 in Bangkok is FUN


Toilet hopping may be the last thing you’ll probably be doing when you travel to Bangkok unless you happen to have an upset stomach and the public loo you enter is out of order; or perhaps there are a lot of people using the restroom that you decide to look for a different one. I don’t think no one in their right minds would enjoy toilet hopping. Only the crazy ones like me. 😆 When you happen to travel to Thailand and you run out of things to do in Bangkok, why not try toilet hopping at Terminal 21, one of my favorite malls in Bangkok, Thailand. 😉

I usually go to Terminal 21 since it offers free wifi access, which I needed badly for my online tasks. One of the best things about this mall is that each floor’s designs are based from key cities worldwide. Terminal 21 can best be compared to major airport terminals in the world where you can enjoy shopping and travelling to new destinations at the same time – in this case, it’s just a floor away. Each level is themed according to the country/city it represents. There’s Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Hollywood inspired themes and it’s all up to you to figure out which country (floor level) you enjoy shopping best.

One day, when I got bored surfing the net at Pier 21, the mall’s posh food court, I decided to roam around. I thought of checking out the public bathrooms to see if they matched the place it represents and I was not disappointed with what I saw.

Terminal 21 Bathrooms

Ready to go toilet hopping worldwide?

Shoppers will now have a new outlook when visiting each of the toilets of this mall since a trip to the loo has never been that fun and exciting all thanks to Terminal 21’s theme-based water closet designs.

bahamas-inspired bathroom

Want a taste of the Caribbean? Check out the restrooms at the lower ground floor. The public loo in there is screaming with vibrant colors. This level has a beach inspired theme that entices you to jump off to your next island destination.

rome inspired bathroom

If you want to feel what it’s like to be in Rome, you can easily hop on to the escalator and view the magnificent pillars that decorate the ground level. If you can’t get enough of the Roman statues and pillars, head off to the restroom for your eyes will feast more in there. The Rome-inspired toilet have mirrors plastered all over. A huge fountain-looking marble lavatory is placed at the center of the room where one can wash hands.

paris inspired bathroom

I’m dying to visit Paris and this French-inspired bathroom gives me the good vibes. It’s actually my favorite. If only I could loot all those extravagant-looking fixtures and fit them inside my bag, I would have done so a long time ago. 😆 I don’t even mind buying a bean bag just to spend an entire day lounging in this toilette either. From the hanging frames, chandeliers, criss-cross mirrors, transparent sinks and their iron doors, everything’s perfect! It makes me wonder if there are similar designs I could find when buying doors online so that I could recreate this chic and sophisticated look in our own bathroom.

tokyo inspired bathroom

When I reached Tokyo, I didn’t know how to react. You’d be greeted by different female Japanese faces once you enter the toilet. And when you check out the sink, you will see huge faces of girls wearing eyeglasses that act as mirrors. This faucet-less toilet is powered by a motion sensing faucet. Even their soap containers have sensors too.

japan inspired bathroom

If you think that pink is too much for you, you can hop on to the next restroom and find this zen-inspired toilet in Tokyo too. You didn’t think that this 9-story mall only has 1 bathroom on each floor, did you? This traditional looking Japanese bathroom is one of my favorites too. I love the minimalist approach in its design and the splash of green color is a refreshing sight when in here.

Can you still keep up with the all the toilet hopping action going on? Are you having fun yet? LOL.

Let’s now travel to London!

London inspired bathroom

This simple-looking loo got me confused, actually. I didn’t understand where I was when I went inside. But after seeing the richness of the red colored toilet doors as well as the layout that looked like a map of London, deep within, I hoped I’d get to see the queen. hehehe.

instanbul-inspired bathroom

Another one of my favorites are the toilets I visited in Istanbul. I even had to convince myself that I was in a mall in Thailand and not in a different country. You will really feel the presence of the Mediterranean influence all over the bathroom fixtures, from top to bottom.

istanbul inspired bathroom

I loved those beautiful faucets attached on those mosaic tiles, not to mention the intricate designs on those lovely lamps. The entire Istanbul themed bathroom design is a sight for sore eyes.

oven inspired bathroom

When you reach San Francisco, prepare yourself to be mesmerized by different colors as Terminal 21 attempts to bring you inside a giant-looking oven. The red bricks, colorful bowls, pizza boards and matching loo attendants all dressed looking like bakers complete the ensemble. The oven-themed toilet made me wonder though if San Fran’s really famous for their pizza and baked goods. hehehe

caribbean-inspired bathroom

On my bathroom hopping adventure, I chanced upon more Caribbean inspired toilets scattered all over the mall. There were designs based from pirate ships and there were those that looked like Spanish carracks like the famous Victoria.

caribbean ship inspired bathroom

It took me an hour to try this different kind of adventure in Thailand. Who would have imagined I’d have the chance to travel the world right at Terminal 21’s very own toilets? I didn’t. But surprisingly, I enjoyed this one-of-a-kind adventure. Even if I’ve never set foot on any of those countries, after my toilet hopping adventure, I kinda felt I already did. Oh, these are female bathrooms only. It makes me curious how the men’s restrooms look like. 😉 I wonder if they look different or just the same. hehehe

Aside from those unique themed toilets, the restrooms in Terminal 21 are also powered by high technology, if that’s the proper way of referring to their state-of-the-art facilities. Aside from those sensor faucets, all of the toilets come with heated covers and bidets too. It gives you more reason to enjoy doing your thing there. 😆

The last floor at Terminal 21 houses the mall’s powerhouse cinema. Wanna guess what’s the theme on that floor? If you guessed Hollywood, you’re spot on! I never got the chance to visit the toilet in that area though (along with the rest of the other restrooms scattered all over the mall). I completely forgot about Terminal 21’s Hollywood themed floor level. And I’ll leave the imagining to you on how the toilets in that region looks like.

So did you enjoy the quick round-the-world tour of toilets in Terminal 21? Check out my travel buddy’s blog too as he shares you with you 5 reasons why he loves Terminal 21 Mall in Bangkok. 😉

How to get to Terminal 21?

Just ride the BTS train and get off at Asok Station. There’s a bridge that connects the train station to the mall. If ever you get lost, one landmark to consider would be the Galleria 10 Hotel Bangkok. This hotel is located right next to this unique mall in Bangkok. The MRT also passes Asok Station. So wherever you are, you can ride the MRT or BTS, whichever is more convenient. Otherwise, buses ply this route too. Or you can simply ride a cab, tuk-tuk or motodup.

Terminal 21 Bangkok
Address: 2.88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Sukhumvit Rd North Klongtoei Wattana bangkok 10110, Thailand

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