When Art Comes to Life..


    An artistic tour of England will take you through many cities, centuries and styles of art. There are a zillion different routes to take. You can feed your desire for classical literature, to classical antiques, or enjoy paintings from the surrealists, or the beautiful furniture of the Victorian or Regency eras. It is a country rich in artistic history, and here are just a few favorites that aren’t to be missed.

    Our journey starts in Scotland, once you’ve dropped off your luggage at one of the many beautiful Edinburgh Airport Hotels. Head off to The Niche Gallery which features collections of Scottish artists. You can find and purchase original works of art as well as prints. Once you’ve taken in your fill, a trip to the National Gallery of Scotland is a definite must.

    National Gallery of Scotland

    The National Gallery is set in an opulent palace-style building that was built in the late 1850s. It houses an archive of over 30,000 drawings and paintings, not to mention an immense research library that bibliophiles will practically drool over. Prepare to be lost for hours as you wander the halls checking out the many exhibits.

    A short flight south will land you in Liverpool, where if you’re keen to take a slower pace, you might be tempted to enjoy a hotel at Liverpool Airport and off to another set of beautiful works. The Lady Lever Art Gallery was founded in the 20’s and dedicated to Mr. Lever’s wife.

    The Lever Gallery houses one of the best collections of fine and decorative arts in the country. Many of the pieces are from William Lever’s personal collection, and the gallery also houses a section dedicated to his collection and the history of Lady Lever’s Gallery.

    Towards the Lady Lever Gallery

    From works of art on the wall, beautiful, intricately designed furniture to exquisite tapestries and antiques, it has something for everyone to enjoy. You can wander the exhibitions for hours on end, enjoying the different styles and eras of artistic endeavor.

    Hop around the UK a little further to Bristol, and make the most of your stay at one of the many Bristol airport hotels and, all in good time, enjoy another stop on our cultural tour at Blaise Castle House Museum; a definite must along your artistic tour.

    Blaise Castle is an estate worth seeing with its beautiful eighteenth century mansion house, set amid 400 acres of rolling parkland and. The museum houses some of the strangest and most unique items from social history. There are toys and costumes and all sorts of sculptures. Be sure to check out the toy collection with its model trains and doll houses, amongst plentiful other toys.

    There’s even a collection of toilets and baths from throughout history in the household gallery for something a little different too! It’s a wonderful place to end your excursion, or maybe just another teaser to keep you wanting more.


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