Travelling in Thailand: Bangkok


Thankfully, travelling around SEA and Thailand especially can be really cheap for visitors, which is why this part of the world is such a popular place to visit. With exotic cultures and friendly locals, Bangkok is an exciting holiday destination for those with itchy feet and those who feel the need to go on an adventure.

With a booming tourism industry, finding activities for tourists, souvenirs and great Bangkok hotels isn’t all that hard to find. With almost 7 million inhabitants, there is always something going on in the city, with no two days being the same. Those who have chosen to stay in private apartments and B&Bs in Bangkok can usually look forward to a less expensive accommodation bill and a place of their own to relax and kick back at when the day has come to an end.

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There are plenty of tourist hot-spots as the country makes a lot of its money through tourism. The high-lights tend to be Bangkok’s superior Buddhist temples including Wat Arun, Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw. Bangkok also happens to be a shopper’s paradise with plenty of air-conditioned mega malls (mega is probably an understatement!) for those that like to be pampered when carrying out their retail therapy. You can even find small beauty shops if you are looking to get your nails done, fish feet therapy or a facial.

Of course, no trip can miss out on one of the night (or floating) markets in Bangkok. Your senses will be overwhelmed with the contrasting sights, smells and tastes. The fresh produce will often have you questioning whether it’s a fruit or vegetable, and the opportunity to try local delicacies from stalls whilst sipping on your cold beverage. This daily chore for locals is sure to be a delight for visitors to the city.

If the city pressure does end up getting a bit too full on, then pamper yourself in a facial or massage at one of Bangkok’s top quality salons. If you are feeling like taking it up a notch, book an appointment for a fish pedicure; soaking your feet in a bath full of fish that eat your dead skin – it’s very on trend at the moment amongst celebrities and your everyday jimbobs alike.

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