What Happened After Giving Travelling A Break


I couldn’t say that I’m a hardcore traveller but two months after my 5-month hibernating stint, I suddenly had the weirdest thoughts (not the green ones, k? lol). All of a sudden, I got anxious. I was about to go on a trip, my first official solo trip after the backpacking thingy, in 12 hours and my mind wandered to hesitation land. Suddenly, I got afraid to push through with it.

Overlooking Surigao City

I didn’t even understand why my mind were asking questions like…

Do I still know how to travel?

I know, I know. Those questions were silly. Even the thought of thinking those were silly. But I really asked myself if I can still do this.

road to General Luna, Siargao

How can one forget to travel when it’s supposed to be one of the driving forces that keeps me going?

I guess I really overstayed too much in our house that I developed the habit of being dependent again – dependent to a comfortable life. I’m not complaining but I should know better.

Once a traveller, always a traveller.

Travelling has always been my vitamins.

I’m at my lowest if I don’t travel.

Red Sunset in Siargao

And just as the plane landed at my destination, and when I saw my first red sky, I know I won’t miss packing a toothpaste again. I know I’ll start getting better…


  1. sometimes i ask myself that too…”do i still know how to travel?”. then i get to my destination and then i realize that there’s no right or wrong way to travel and therefore there’s no such thing as knowing how to travel. we just do it and most importantly love doing it…


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