A Thick-Faced Gatecrasher on the Loose!


Yes and No. I admit it. I confess! I didn’t know what came over me. But the minute I heard that General Luna, Siargao is celebrating the eve of their annual town fiesta today, I failed to zip my mouth and jokingly told the caretaker of where I am staying now that “mamiesta ko sa inyo“, which translates to me going to their house to join them in celebrating their fiesta.

Fiesta = Food = Gatecrashers. Thick-faced Gatecrashers…like me 😆

But technically, I didn’t gatecrash. I didn’t go to their house (yet). But when Manong Manuel went to their house to make sure that lunch was served, he came back 15 minutes after bringing the food to me! He said there were too many people inside their house, which was why he brought me rice and that yummy fried pork! After realizing what just happened, I got sooooo embarrassed. I wanted to melt away from the lodge that instant. But my hungry tummy reasoned with me.

I’m now officially stamping my forehead “thick-faced”! 😆 And yes, I’m in Siargao now! 😉



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