Thai Seafood Noodle Salad


    One of the things I love about Thailand is the abundance of dirt cheap street foods. Anywhere you go, you can have access to Thai’s yummy foods. However, if you are not into the spicy food, you may have to brace yourself when you decide to go on a foodtrip in Thailand since almost all of their foods are chili-based; and never forget to bring a bottle of water with you since you will need one. Don’t even be fooled into thinking that a food you see without any hints of chili slices or seeds looks safe to eat. To be sure, ask if what you are getting is spicy or not.

    Thai foodcartphoto credit: Ed of

    Just outside the condo of our friend, Den, you will see a number of food carts, which sells different foods to the residents of the condo unit. I got addicted to one of them. Actually, Pi Puna’s foodcart is the only foodcart that I tried out. After eating her yummy seafood noodle salad, I got addicted.

    seafood noodles salad

    During my stay at my friend’s place in the northern business district of Bangkok, I never failed to order this spicy yet delicious seafood salad. To prepare the dish, ordinary spicy Thai seafood noodle is cooked in water then drained. Shrimps, squids, mushrooms, cabbage, onions, lime and Pi Puna’s special mixture of sauce and spices are added to make this yummy seafood noodle salad. If you can imagine eating something that has lime juice + spice + salty taste all mixed in one serving, I’m sure you’d get addicted to this Thai seafood noodle salad too!

    Yum! 😉



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