Roasted Duck and Pork at Terminal 21’s Pier 21


One of my favorite mall in Bangkok is Terminal 21 for it has a wide selection of cheap foods. When you are in Bangkok, don’t forget to drop by Pier 21 at the 5th floor. It is the mall’s high-end food court where you can buy different meals. You have to buy a coupon card before you can buy any food. The card is valid for one month. You can also have your money refunded if you will no longer need the card.

roasted duck and pork meal at Pier 21

One of my favorite food meals is their roasted duck and pork meal. I only paid 40 baht (~$1.30 or Php60.00) for it. You can also help yourself with an unlimited serving of spices too. Take note that small food stalls in the streets also sell a similar meal for the same price so why not have a meal at Terminal 21? Aside from the pollution-free atmosphere, you get to dine in an air-conditioned classy space! 😉



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