Postcard from London


postcard from UK

My travel blogger friend Catherine of sent me this postcard before I left for my backpacking trip. Though I managed to ask my cousin to send me a scanned copy of the postcard, I haven’t had the chance to see the actual one since my folks misplaced it. 🙁

London just recently hosted the 2012 Olympics. I had seen a couple footage of the opening and closing ceremonies and I’d have to say that I’d probably need some time to getting used to the kind of entertainment they offer. Honestly, I didn’t quite get one of the performances during the opening ceremony – the one where they paid tribute to the internet and social networking because of how it affected the lives of millions all over the world. I got bored after watching it so I turned the TV off. I only saw the Spice Girl’s performance on the closing ceremony too. hehe.  I guess I’d have to travel to London and live there for a while to understand the country better and I’m hoping that I’d get to do this dream in this lifetime. 😉 Never been a fan of sports too so I didn’t pay much attention to what was happening during the Olympic season. A lot of my nomad friends from Australia love booking a hotel in London to watch live sports during the summer. The Olympics was definitely on their bucket list. What I remember was watching (or reading, i think) about a segment in the news that the 2012 Olympics didn’t boost UK’s economy as what was supposed to happen but I don’t want to bore you with that talk. 😉

Anyway, on Cath’s message, she said that London is one of the most popular diverse cities in the world where people love to drink tea and that the national food in Britain is an Indian dish called Tikka Masala (I guess it really shows that a huge chunk of UK’s population comprises Indians? or perhaps Indian culture has a great influence in UK’s). Fish n’ chips is also very popular she says. In London, fries are called chips and where chips are crisps. I’d have to agree with her that it is indeed bloody confusing! 😆

Postcard Origin: United Kingdom
Date received: somewhere around Feb 2012

Stamp collected: unsure since a sticker was on top of the stamps 🙁

UK Postage Stamp



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