Colorful Fruits from a Vendor in Phnom Penh


When I travelled from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville, I had to stop over at Phnom Penh to switch to a different bus. I had to wait for 30 minutes for the other bus to arrive.

While waiting, I saw this vendor carrying a basket on her head. She approached the bus station and started selling food to us and to the employees of the bus station.


I couldn’t help admire the colorful array of food that greeted my eyes. Most of the food items sold were fruits and appetizers. I was so tempted to buy the mango. Its colors were deliciously tempting but I had to contain myself. I hadn’t had a decent meal since midnight when I embarked on my solo trip to Sihanoukville and I couldn’t afford to ruin my tummy at that time. I just settled to taking pictures of those delectable treats instead. 😉

vendor peddling food in cambodia

I love how colorful all those food looked!

When the vendor finished selling her food to the bus station employees, she placed the wide basked on top of her head, carried a small stool and walked away from the area. Bye bye foodie!

Friday Foodies

By the way, I am starting this new segment on this site where I will feature different foods on my journey, thus, giving birth to my Friday Foodies edition 😉

Why Friday? Because everyone wants to thank God for Friday 😆 as it is the end of the weekday and people like me can skip dieting and declare Friday as the start of their cheat day. LOL

Happy Eating everyone! ^_^



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