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I’m the tsinelas, sandals, opened toed open heeled, strappy shoeseseses type of gal. Never been too comfy wearing closed shoes but I thought that it’s also high time I invest on a pair of travelling shoes just in case the need arises in the future.

So when I learned that Converse will hold its yearly Mega Sale at SM City, I got excited to check the place out even though it meant waking up early just to storm SM as their doors open to the public. That was the plan. But I woke up late and got there past 12nn. When I arrived there, the place was packed. The lines were too long and I got discouraged to look for anything. Adding the fact that most of the prices were beyond the budget I set, I immediately got disinterested and just observed the ongoing sale craze.

shoes were arranged according to design and sizes

Praline, trying on 2 pairs of shoes that caught her eye, she bought this one

a band playing to get the crowd’s attention to check out the Converse Mega Sale

As I was walking past the very crowded trade hall, I saw this counter and approached it to look for the display there. Then for an unexplainable reason, I tried to squeeze in the small passage way where people where lining up to pay their items so that I can ee the other side of the counter.

And there it was. Sitting on top of the wooden table. It’s as if it was waiting for me all those time. I saw the faded denim blue chucks and immediately took it, held it in my hands and observed its simplicity. The moment I flipped the price tag and saw how much it cost, I immediately knew I found what I came there for.

my very 1st chucks

Realizing that this pair of chucks is just right on my budget, I no longer hesitated and knew I will be buying this cute little thingy. I no longer cared how long the line to the payment counters were. I just knew I had to buy this pair of Converse All Star.

I’m the tsinelas, sandals, opened toed open heeled, strappy shoeseseses type of gal. But this one I’ll make an exemption.

I hear that Converse trainers are particularly popular in Germany. One day I might take a trip and do some shopping for different styles that I can’t get here. Although with the currency difference and exchange rate, I would probably need some kind of German financial translation.

Looking forward to future travels we’ll have together Converse All Star 😀

This is a travel blog of Doi Domasian. Her nature to explore both new and familiar places and share it with the rest of the world is what keeps this wanderer going and seeking for thrills and adventures. Due to her passion for travelling, she decided to leave the corporate world and started living the life of a nomad.


    • hahaha. mao jud! actually nawala ang mga tao mga 3pm. but i think namalik to pag start ug tukar sa live band. ubay2x sad ang mga nice na chucks oi 😀


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