Majorca: Your Ultimate Holiday Destination in Europe


    Spain remains to be one of those countries that is included in my bucket list. Aside from our country being under their rule for 300 years, I find it fascinating to discover Spain’s cultural heritage. After talking to a friend who was privileged to go on a trip to Spain, I got convinced that it’s one of the must-see places in Europe.

    I  know that Spain offers numerous splendid architecture where you won’t get tired of visiting, it is also great to know that there’s more to Spain than just those huge stone masterpieces. If you are going to Spain for the holidays, better include a trip to one of the largest island among the group of Balearic Islands in the archipelago, which is Majorca.

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    Like the rest of the islands that comprises the Balearic group of islands, Majorca is a famous holiday destination for travellers around Europe. I guess the great weather experienced in Majorca is to be credited for the influx of tourists in the island. By simply finding online booking sites to Majorca, you are one step closer to discovering paradise in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Deciding on travelling to Majorca for that ultimate holiday vacation won’t be a bore due to the countless activities that’s in store for you and your family or loved ones.

    Roam around the city

    For starters, you could start touring the city and discover the stunning Cathedral sitting in town. The intricate designs makes this church a sight for sore eyes. Even without stepping inside the church, you’d get mesmerized by looking at beautiful structures on the church’ grounds. By night, the church transforms into this magnificent structure and with the right kind of lighting, the scenery will blow your mind away.

    Roadtrip in Majorca

    If you love outdoor activities more than anything else, you can always find a bike and go on a biking trip around the island. Cyclists frequent the trip up the mountains and into the Sierra de Tramuntana. The road going there is tricky and dangerous but every turn you make gives you a reminder that what you are doing is worth all the effort. The narrow mountain roads and off the beaten paths in Majorca gives you breathtaking views of the island, its mountain ranges and the clear sea at the foot of the mountains. And when you get lucky and climb up on a clear day, it is quite possible to see the neighboring islands of Ibiza and Menorca.

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    Visit Secluded Beaches

    One of the best highlights when you plan your holiday destination to Majorca is the presence of its stunning beaches which are scattered all over the island. You can simply enjoy basking under the sun as you get tanned or you can swim it clear and clean seawaters. And what better way to end the day than by gazing over the horizon witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. If overcrowded beaches are not for you, you can always go on an adventure to find the most secluded and unspoilt beaches on the northern or eastern part of Majorca.

    Get into different water sports/activities

    Since Majorca is surrounded with pristine waters, it’s a great place to sign up for scuba diving. There are around 28 dive sites in this largest Balearic island in the Mediterranean Sea and exploring the rich marine life underneath is a must try. Freediving in Majorca is also something that freediving enthusiast out there can do. And if you want to try something different that will pump up your adrenaline, you can try out flying using a water jet pack.

    If I’d enumerate all the cool things to do in Majorca, it might take me forever to list down all of them so it’s better I leave the rest to you and discover countless of sightseeing opportunities once you book that flight to Majorca, your ultimate holiday destination in Europe.


    1. I was there last month Doi. Mallorca is Germany’s favourite holiday island. Tried to avoid to go there all the years kay German “klischee” kaayo. But now, I am delighted. Grabe kanindot…the mountains, the beaches, lovely villages and the Majorcans (welcoming sila kay sa Spain). Ahhh I’m in love.


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