Discovering Art in Chiang Mai


One of the best memories I had during my backpacking trip last year was when I went on a solo journey to that northern city in Thailand, which is Chiang Mai. I was not quite prepared with what I would see there. All I know is that many backpackers prefer to stay in quaint Chiang Mai city rather than enjoy all the perks offered in the bustling city of Bangkok. Out of curiosity, I also decided that it would be best for me to travel to Chiang Mai despite the hurdles I had to go through. And once I got to explore Chiang Mai, I immediately felt at home.

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand. If there’s one thing that comes to mind when thinking about Chiang Mai, it’s their wide roads with almost empty streets. Well, traffic also builds up from time to time, I guess. But during my trips to Chiang Mai, I never had trouble experiencing congested roads except during the Songkran Festival.

On one of my night walks inside the old city during their weekly Night Bazaar, I stumbled upon the local’s artistic nature through seeing their display of artworks along the streets.

chiang mai art

It is surprising to discover that this laid back city in Thailand holds such beautiful art pieces. I never really thought of Thais as being art lovers after roaming around the streets of Bangkok, which is why I was blown away with the artwork that I discovered in Chiang Mai.

discovering art in Chiang Mai

If Bangkok’s Khao San Road and other tourist destinations sell paintings of Buddha, sunset paintings of temples and other paintings that uses only 3-5 colors, you’ll find Chiang Mai different. Although you would still see traditional paintings you’d see from almost everywhere – those scenes of temples with a dawn or sunset setting – in Chiang Mai, you will see art on a different level.

chiang mai thailand art

Colors are mixed and matched to create masterpieces. The artworks are so beautiful you’d want to take home all of them.

chiangmai art

Although there are more serious paintings in Chiang Mai, what caught my attention were the rich and colorful artworks reminding me of candy land.

artwork in Chiang Mai

As much as I would want to take home one of those beautiful masterpieces, I had to restrain myself because of the lack of funds and with my indefinite backpacking trip, I didn’t want to add weight on my backpack.

chiang mai art work

But it’s really wonderful to know that one can admire beautiful artwork during one’s travels and you don’t have to go to great lengths of  finding one in museums in Thailand but simply walking on their streets will lead you to treasure finds.

Now that the Songkran Festival in Thailand is fast approaching, many tourists would once again flock Chiang Mai to celebrate Songkran there. If you happen to be one, never miss the opportunity to visit their Weekly Night Bazaar and feast your eyes with those colorful art pieces. Or if you can’t be there on a weekend, just visit their market place to see these beautiful artworks.

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