Fun Karaoke Night at Quest Hotel Cebu


Dinner was set at seven in the evening at one of Quest Hotel’s small function rooms. Our group were to enjoy great food and pair it with one of every Pinoy household’s favorite past time. Karaoke. Yes, karaoke, videoke, whatever you want to call it.

When we were told that Quest had this as one of their special amenities, we were quite curious how these were set up. Luckily, during our 2-night staycation at Quest Hotel Cebu, we got the chance to try this out.

Jona and I arrived on the venue late  so when we came in the room, I was in for a shock. The room was nothing I expected. It was huge and it could fit probably 20 heads.

Posh Videoke at Quest Hotel Cebu

There’s a huge projector hanging on the wall, which serves as our flat screen monitor and at the center, the karaoke system. There were comfy couches in there too and with our small group, there’s still a large space in there where you could do cartwheels if that’s your thing. We were told that when guests, mostly Koreans, request for this special setup, a buffet spread is included in their Karaoke package. But with our small group, there’s no point in having one. Instead, we got to order from their wide selection of Bar Chow menus.

quest hotel exclusive karaoke night

The gang were quite busy when we arrived. While one was singing like a true diva, two of my friends were discussing with our assigned butlers our orders. Yeah, we had a few of them butlers who were there to assist us with the food orders or in case we needed some technical assistance with the karaoke.

bar chow food at quest hotel cebu

Our food and drinks came one after the other and we started devouring those yummy dishes. It started with the Pork Sisig, then the Chicken Quesadilla. We also ordered the Buffalo Wings with a blue cheese dip and the Quest Platter, which consists of an array of sumptuous fish fingers, chicken satay, chili prawns and veal bratwurst. Having served huge bowls of popcorn early on, and now all of those food, we surely had a hard time keeping up sampling everything. And when we thought that we’ve had enough for the night, we got served with mini beef and chicken burgers with french fries! To be honest, I wanted to slap the person who ordered the burgers. How could he? We were already having a hard time consuming everything. But those cute mini burgers were too hard to resist and in no time, each of us grabbed one not minding our almost bursting bellies. Dip it in the blue cheese, one of them said. The curious me did just that and guess what? The taste was heavenly. The blue cheese, which I thought tasted weird with the buffalo wings, perfectly complemented the mini burgers. It has been a long time since I ate a burger that was that good. No kidding.

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Time is unfair sometimes, you know. Just when we were all enjoying the karaoke sessions while stuffing ourselves with those yummy dishes, someone had to remind us that our time’s almost up. Just like Cinderella, that fun night had to end abruptly since Quest’s Exclusive Karaoke setup is limited up to a certain time-frame. But even after spending just a few hours with those awesome guys, I’m not one to complain. And if there’s one thing we all agreed during that wonderful videoke session, it’s us leaving with a happy face (but probably with a grumbling tummy) after feasting on those great-tasting food offerings at Quest’s Bar Chow menu.

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