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Where to Buy Cheap Souvenirs in Cebu

Aside from stunning beaches and great-tasting lechon, Cebu is also famous for making world-class export products. In fact, Cebu is one of the leading exporters of furniture, fashion accessories and other products like toys, gift and souvenir items, food and more. So if you ever travel to Cebu, you should not miss buying a pasalubong (home coming gift) to bring home to your family and friends.

If you are looking into buying a furniture, you can check out the works of the multi-awarded designer Kenneth Cobonpue or other local designers. But if you are looking for something cheap and inexpensive and want to know what pasalubong  to buy, you can choose to buy dried mangoes, danggit and other dried fish, rosquillos, salvaro, turrones de mani, galletas, pinasugbo and more. If you wanted to buy a keepsake from your trip in Cebu, then you can buy key chains and ref magnets. You can also buy fashion accessories, handicraft bags or even a guitar.

cheap souvenir shops in Cebu

But I guess your dilemma lies in knowing where to buy cheap souvenirs in Cebu, right? Fret no more since it’s not that difficult to find a souvenir shop in Cebu that sells inexpensive gift items.

All you need to do is go to SM City Cebu. Once you are there, go to the back part of the mall and walk outside its parking area because you will be discovering the best place to buy pasalubongs during your stay in Cebu City.

Cebu handicraft bracelet
beaded and silver bracelets

In case you don’t know the way or are lost, just ask the locals in the area where you will find the borloloyan shops or the Tabo sa Banay outlets at the back of SM City Cebu. Yeah. These souvenir shops in Cebu are selling souvenir items like hot pancakes due to its affordable rates. The different items sold at the borloloyan near SM are so cheap that you’d have trouble running out of funds the moment you decide to hoard all the beautiful souvenirs you can find.

fashion accessories
assorted native and fashion necklaces

Borloloy is actually the Bisaya (Cebuano) term for fashion accessories. And with the city’s effort to create a common place where sellers can showcase their handicraft products together with their fashion accessories, this area at the back of SM became the perfect venue to house all of the local entrepreneur’s goods. As such, the Borloloyan materialized.

where to buy souvenir items in Cebu
cousin Cyril buying souvenirs for his friends and colleagues

souvenirs from Cebu
ref magnets with different designs, decorative wooden boats, guitar keychains

Surprisingly, the prices of the items sold here are very affordable and super cheap. Although you can also find similar items inside the Ayala or SM malls, they sell the same items with a minimum add-on of P10 each. And this is why shopping at the Borloloyan for your pasalubong is way better as you’ll  get to save a lot of money.

handicraft bags from Cebu
fish coin leather purse, handicraft bags, coconut shell handbags, shell bags

If you want to look for cheap pasalubong when you visit the city, just ask for directions to the back side of SM. You can also hire a taxicab and tell the drive that you want to go to the Borloloyan at the back of SM City Cebu!

How to get there:

– Hail a taxi cab
– Ride a jeep with the following signage – 01K, 04L, 22D, 22G, 22E, 23 and 27 jeepneys


where to buy cheap pasalubong in cebu


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10 Responses to “Where to Buy Cheap Souvenirs in Cebu”

  1. Penfires! says:

    I’ve passed by this place countless times na but I haven’t actually paid this place a visit, maybe I should soon! =)

    Looks like they can rival those shops in Mactan Shrine =)

  2. Great (and timely) post, Doi! Definitely sharing with friends who are about to visit Cebu.

  3. ian says:

    next time makapagshopping nga… tapos puntahan ko na talaga yung lapulapu shrine… hahaha… hindi ko parin napupuntahan yun! hahaha

  4. Jam @icoSnap says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m going to Cebu this December, will definitely check this one out.

  5. ilyn says:

    Thanks. This helped alot. I’m on my to that place now. cheers!


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