What To Do On A 4-hr Plane Ride From Cebu To Kuala Lumpur


Air Asia Zest recently opened a new hub in the province of Cebu to bring more travellers to Malaysia and back. With its inaugural flight last December 1st, I got the privilege to join a group of people, where some of whom are close friends, to travel to Kuala Lumpur and experience what it’s like to visit somewhere that’s Truly Asia.

However, little did I know that the Cebu to Kuala Lumpur flight would last for four hours. If I had known, I would have brought a book. But since I was with the company of my uber cool friends from Cebu, there was never a dull moment on board Flight Z2187 of Air Asia Zest. It was also the best time to get to know other blogger friends who were on that trip.

Things To Do On A 4-hr Flight From Cebu To Kuala Lumpur

For the benefit of those who have no clue how to maximize the long flight time when traveling from Cebu City to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, here’s a couple of things you might want to consider to while the time away.

#9 – Sleep like there’s no tomorrow

If you want to catch up on that much needed rest, sleeping during the 4-hr flight is the best thing to do to recharge your system.

Ayn, comfortably sleeping in his bed seat

If you are lucky and have no seatmates, you can fold the arm rests and convert the entire row into your personal sleeping quarters. You can even cross over to the other side for better sleeping posture.

#8 – Stare out the window

Tired of sleeping or can’t sleep at all, you can use this opportunity to connect with your inner self. Just turn on that “emo” mode and feel free stare out in the sea of clouds. Maybe what you are searching for is hiding on one of those floating cotton candies.

And if you stare harder and longer, who knows, maybe you might just see Superman fly by 😆

#7 – Read the provided inflight magazine and other airline reading materials

If you are still bored to death after doing #8 and #9, why not grab the inflight magazine and be amazed at the beautiful photos published in there. Just make sure you don’t pull the emergency exit doors to immediately get to one of those travel destinations.

travel 3 sixty magazine the gorgeous view of the Longji rice terraces at Guilin, Guangxi, China
photo credit: AirAsia Travel 3 Sixty

If you are still bored, better read the safety instructions card too. Really, tugging along a good book would come in handy in times like this.

#6 – Watch a movie or play games

If you brought your laptop or android phones with you, this is the best time to watch a movie or beat your current record at the games installed on your mobile devices.

If you don’t have any of those, then it’s best to do #7, #8 and #9 again. You can also attempt to do cartwheels if no one is looking 😆 Or perhaps, do

#5 – Admire the beauty of the gorgeous Cabin Crews

When you resort to doing this, just be sure you don’t look like a psycho as you stare at the cabin crews or you might find yourself locked up abroad.

Air Asia cabin crew photo credit: RomeDylan.com

Just be friendly with them but be sure to know your limits. You can ask to have photo ops too and if you’ve got a thick face and possesses a radiant personality, you might get lucky when you ask for their mobile number 😉

Air Asia cabin crew photo Sinjin, with the cabin crew of Air Asia Zest’s inaugural flight from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur

#4 – Go ahead and talk to a stranger

They won’t bite, and for sure not on the plane. Just be careful with the information you give out. Make sure you don’t divulge personal information. A friendly conversation would surely help you get out of your boredom.

Cecille, chatting with an Australian who just got back from Bantayan in Northern Cebu to help Yolanda victims

#3 – Devour on AirAsia’s Hot Meals, Quick Bites and Drinks

For sure, your tummy needs to be fed on the 4-hr flight to Kuala Lumpur from Cebu. What better way to satisfy your hunger than by ordering the Quick Bites or Hot Meals available at AirAsia Café.

Carla and Cindy enjoying their Air Asia Hot Meals

#2 – Feel free to visit the Loo

Am pretty sure you have to make that visit after doing #3 😉

#1 – Take selfie and group photos

Do I need to explain this??? Let the following photos do the talking…

 Sinjin, owning the aisle

air asia cebu to kl flight

Me, Angelie‘s back and Ayn

Ayn and Dylan goofing around the back seats of the Air Asia’s airbus

Congratulations Air Asia Zest for your Inaugural flight from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur!

It was great flying with you!

AirAsia Zest Inaugural flight from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur

* * *

This trip was made possible by AirAsia Zest – The Right Way to fly and Tourism Malaysia – Visit Malaysia 2014. AirAsia Zest now flies to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Cebu Mactan International Airport. Visit www.airasia.com for flight schedules, promos and online flight reservation. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

* * *

How about you? What do you do on long haul flights to avoid getting bored? Share your thoughts by leaving comments below. Would love to hear them 🙂


  1. Hey, fellow travel blogger in Shanghai, originally from the US. Good post – I came across this blog through Aroundtheworldin80jobs – I’d love to visit the Phillipins and Southeast asia. Keep up the writing, good stuff!


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