Want to Know The Secret Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines?


I may be backpacking outside of the Philippines trying one step at a time to live my dream to travel the world but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving my country.

To me, nothing beats the Philippines in terms of the beauty of its natural wonders, not to mention the warmth of the people.

I don’t want to start listing down a million reasons why you should listen to me and start booking that flight to visit the Philippnies.

However, you can read the adventures of Jodi, the LegalNomad, when she visited the country back in 2009. I had a great time reading her  travel adventures as well as the Top 10 Philippine Quirks she observed about the Philippines and the top 40 things she will miss about El Nido, Palawan.

Quoting from Jodi‘s blog, here’s what she has to say about the Philippines:

“I was, and remain, surprised at how different the Philippines is from Thailand and what else of Asia I have seen…it is whole other universe here. I feel as though someone took a South American country and plopped it in the middle of the water on the Asian continent: the food, people and mannerisms well resemble Ecuador, not Thailand or China or Malaysia. When you consider the history of the country, its Latin feel makes a lot of sense…From what I’ve experienced thus far, it is well beyond the backpacker trails of South East Asia – most days pass by without spotting another tourist at all. The landscape is somewhat overwhelming, even to a seasoned traveler: you can choose between limestone beaches (like those of Rai Leh in Thailand), lush jungles, swaying, vibrant coral reefs and deep, damp bat caves…Thus far, I’ve really enjoyed being here and the friendliness and open smiles of the people I have met. This country is known for its helpful, kind and inviting locals, and the reputation seems well-deserved.”

Actually, I should stop talking writing now.

Just watch this short video clip and get a glimpse of what’s in store for you when you visit my country and find out why

It’s More Fun in the Philippines…

For more fascinating travel adventures in the Philippines, you can visit the blogs of my fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers found on this link.


    • hehehe. yeah, nice yung ad. nice din yung Coldplay na ad sa NY Times Square. excited to see the full video sa 06.12.12 😉
      inggit ako kay Jodi coz she got to spend 3 months sa El Nido! di pa ako nakakapunta dun! hehehe

  1. i think our location is what really puts us at a disadvantage more than the peace and order situation in our country.sana lang maipromote na talaga ng maayos this time ang bansa natin para kahit mas mahirap tayo puntahan kaysa neigbors natin dadayuhin pa rin nila tayo.

    • melvin, oo nga. sana di na pumalpak at magtulungan ang lahat ng tao na ipromote ang bansa natin. sana macontrol na din ng authorities ang peace and order para happy lahat! 😉


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