3 Tech Tips for Travelling to Japan – How to Stay Connected

3 Tech Tips Travelling to Japan - How to Stay Connected

Travelling to Japan? This country is one awesome destination on this part of the world and you are sure to have a terrific time no matter the reason for your visit. While it certainly is true that Japan is a technologically advanced country, you may find it tricky to stay connected particularly when it comes to looking for Wi-Fi spots, and especially if you are travelling around. With this in mind, here are three tech tips for staying connected during your trip to Japan.

Pocket Wi-Fi

One excellent solution is to rent a pocket Wi-Fi device, which is a mobile hotspot that will allow you to easily connect to the internet on any of your devices from practically anywhere in the country, even the remote spots. They are simple to use. You only need to charge it before going out, switch it on and log into its network from your device.

Rental Smartphones

One method of staying connected while in Japan, which is becoming increasingly popular, is to rent a smartphone from a company that includes unlimited data and Wi-Fi tethering. This is a good solution because you will have both a phone and a way to connect to the internet while you are on the move. Many non-Japanese phones will not work within the country. Even if yours does, it is likely that you will incur high data roaming charges, which makes renting smartphones a smart solution.

Use Public Wi-Fi

Although you will struggle to stay connected in some areas, there are public hotspots in places that you would expect to find WiFi – coffee shops, restaurants, museums etc. Be warned. This may not be free. You may have to pay for an hour or sign up for a membership. You should also make sure that you have everything you need to stay connected before setting off on your trip. Places like RS Components have all the connectors and cables that you may need to stay connected while in Japan.

Japan is an incredible country and quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Despite being technologically advanced, it can be difficult for visitors to stay connected, which can be stressful and create problems. Those tech tips are some of the best ways to stay connected online but you should always research ahead. Make sure that you have all of the hardware that you need to get online connection when you arrive in Japan so that you can make the most out of your trip.


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