Surviving Sagada: Ghost Stories on a Lightless Night Trail


Our neighbor had this huge mango tree blocking the pathway to our house. I can still remember how we used to make a sign of the cross, take a deep breath and ran like a madman till we reach the doorway of our house each time nightfall caught up with us. We were told that a “kapre” lives on that tree and they normally go out at night.

hanging coffins Sagadahanging coffins at Echo Valley

I recall before the month of November kicks in, we always watch Magandang Gabi Bayan’s (MGB) Halloween special coverage. MGB was a local news program in the Philippines which started way back in the 80s. That show still gives me the creeps. What’s worse is that although we know that we’d be scared to death just by watching the program, we’d still watch it anyway. Why do you think we do this? Do you think it’s curiosity?

Coffins in Sumaguing Cavecoffins at Sumaguing Cave

On our trip to Sagada last March 2011, something similar happened. After top loading on the way to Sagada, we immediately went spelunking when we arrived in town. We saw centuries-old coffins at the mouth of the Sumaguing Cave. We also attempted to see up-close the hanging coffins at the Echo Valley.

Sagada cemeterypassing through Sagada cemtery on our way to Echo Valley

We almost got lost searching for the place and hesitated for a moment since we crossed Sagada’s cemetery grounds. Due to the light drizzle, the lack of a guide, the time and the power outage, we decided not to follow the trail going down the valley as it was starting to get dark.

I didn’t fret not seeing those hanging coffins at a closer distance. This will gives me the perfect opportunity to go back and explore the places I haven’t visited yet. Ever since, I’ve been checking for late holiday deals as I also want to spend my holidays in this charming town.

This was our last night in Sagada. We made dinner reservations at the famous Log Cabin. Since we can’t think of any other place to go before darkness envelope the entire town, we went straight to the Log Cabin an hour before they opened. Sensing that it may take time to get the town’s power back, candles were set up on each tables.

Log Cabin Restaurant, Sagadacandlelight dinner at Log Cabin

On our last night in Sagada, we had a candlelight dinner and ate the prepared dishes paying close attention to the Strawberry Chocolate Cake. The whole town was still covered in darkness by the time we stepped out of the Log Cabin. It would have been helpful if the houses beside the road are lighted but they are not. So using the flashlight and the light on our cell phone screens, 5 heads walked down the road braving the darkness to our guesthouse.

Sagada at Nightlightless night trail on our way to George Guesthouse

Everything was pitch-black. As if our coffin hunting and cemetery tour prior were not enough, some of us started telling ghost stories, someone started howling, someone kept laughing and someone got really scared…

listen to how silly we all sounded ala Blair Witch effect at Sagada

P.S. conversations are all in Bisaya. If you  find offensive language here then please forgive me 😉

Instead of lowering down our voices to avoid stirring natural and unnatural forces, instead of discussing happy thoughts to avoid getting scared, we end up discussing stuff that shouldn’t be discussed especially when stuck on a lightless night in this quaint town they call Sagada.


  1. Hahahah yah doy why do adults keep saying we have “Not Like Ours” lurking in the trees on the way to our house hehehe sa amo-a bayabas siya, one time I took courage and stood still facing the bayabas and dared the “Not Like Ours” to contact. Maygani wala, otherwise karatil cgro ko dagan hehehhehe

    • mao jud cille! i’m glad it toned down now. i wonder what stories use these days to prevent their children from wandering after dark. hehehe

  2. I remembered MGB tuwing Nov. esp when Kabayan do the hosting, creepy pa rin. hehe, parang type ko jan sa Log Cabin.. Adventure Sagada Trip! Wanna go there tlga someday..

    • hahaha. oo nga no. next time gawin namin yan. pero sana may liwanag nang konte para makita sino ang tabingi kung maglakad sa isang malawak na daan! hahaha

  3. hahaha! wala akong maintindihan halos pero tawa ako ng tawa di ko sure kung baket at talagang tinapos ko buong vid maski wala akong makita! hahahahasha

    • ahahaha. yeah. we were scaring ourselves para di kami matakot. tama ba yun? hahaha. as for our case, imagine walking from that log cabin to George Guesthouse’ annex! lampas pa ng lemon pie house! mas malayo yung nilakad namin! buti nlng at marami kaming nag ala blair witch. hahaha.


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