Sadako in the Making


sadakosadako, is that you?

Nope. Sorry to disappoint you. That’s not Sadako 😆 That’s actually me dozing off while riding a train from a package tour we paid on our last day in Bangkok.

My friend took that picture of me while I was napping on our train ride going to the floating restaurant. I failed to get enough sleep the night before since we had to pack all our stuff. Since we were going to be on a whole day tour on our last day in Bangkok, we checked out early in the morning from the inn where we stayed in Sukhumvit and stored our bags at the luggage compartment of the van we rode on the package tour that we availed.

On our last day, since our flight was in the wee hours of the evening, we decided to avail of a packaged tour to be able to see the country side of Thailand. We chose the Kanchanaburi River Kwai Package Tour since this was the cheapest and we get to ride an elephant. We paid 1,450 baht each (Php2030) for this tour. The tour included a visit to the War Museum in Kanchanaburi, checking out the bridge over the River Kwai, riding a train, having lunch on a floating resto/hotel then riding a bamboo raft going to the elephant camp and then checking out the Sai Yok Noi waterfalls. This was a whole day tour and we got back in Bangkok just in time to grab dinner at an Indian restaurant before heading to the airport.


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