My Christmas Wish List


Christmas is almost here! With just a few days left, I couldn’t help but to get excited as we celebrate the best season of all. In fact, me and my travel buddies from #TravelMindanao will have our own Kris Kringle, our own Secret Santa (Santita) or what we locally call as Manito-Manita. Each one of us has no idea who our Secret Sana is. After agreeing on the amount of our gifts and after listing down our wishes, we all agreed to have it shipped to our different homes before Christmas so that we can all open it together. All of us live miles apart. But with the special friendship we have developed during the course of our travel, we continue to find ways to bring us all closer together.

As for our Christmas wish lists, each of us listed different items, which includes travel essentials, home cooking products and even world peace. And just for the fun of it, I am sharing to you my own Christmas wish list hoping that the elves at the North Pole will see it and give it to Santa. 😉 The listed items are basically the things that I need to help with my future travels.

One Mega Awesome Power Bank


It’s really horrible to know that you can’t contact people during emergency situations when your phone’s battery dies. Also, my phone’s battery is already weak and dies easily so having a power bank would help me extend my phone battery’s life.

Dry Bag

blood red dry bags

I basically need my own dry bag to protect my valuables. During my past trips, I just rely on the bags of others to safe keep my stuff so getting my own would be great.

Freediving Fin Bagfreediving fin bag

During my 25-day trip to travel Mindanao, I actually dragged my freediving gears along plus an extra set of scuba diving gears. Since I have no proper fin bag, I had to carry 2 extra bags, which proved to be a pain. Getting my own freediving fin bag where I could stash all my freediving gears would be very useful the next time I hit the road again to visit some of the Philippines’ amazing dive sites.

Open Line Pocket Wifi like this Huawei E589

pocket wifi

It such a hassle if you travel to a certain place where there’s no free WiFi. Getting an open line Pocket WiFi will help me stay connected online and will also allow me to insert a variety of SIM cards from different networks wherever I am in the world. As this device also allows sharing of up to 5 gadgets (I think) it would be cool to share the wifi connectivity with friends and travel companions too.

Android Mobile Phone


I am currently using a Nokia E63 phone. Although it is capable of accessing FB and Twitter, I would really want to get an Android phone to maximize on using the rest of the social media accounts out there like Instagram, Foursquare and more. Being active in social media, I really believe that owning an Android mobile phone is essential as this will allow me to provide real-time updates that are worthy of sharing to my family, friends and the rest of the world whenever I travel.

Portable External Hard Drive

wd external hard drive

I own an portable 500GB WD Passport Essential but I have almost maxed out the space in it. My laptop is almost running out of space too so getting my hands on a 1TB WD My Passport Slim external hard drive would be of great help to add more storage space where I can keep photos of my travels.

Trekking Sandals


I’m not really a shoes person and would prefer an open trekking sandal instead of getting trekking shoes. My existing travel footwear is about to retire and I’m just pushing it to its limits. I know Merrell produces one of the best quality travel footwear and I would love to have one too. Not only will that sandal keep my feet happy but it will also make it look good with its beautiful strappy design (my travelling feet prefers strappy sandals, you see 🙂 ).

E-book Readerkindle

Long travels won’t be so dull if I would have my own Kindle or any e-book reader. Being that I travel light, carrying books to keep me company may pose some threats to luggage space. I would love to get my hands on one of these.

Olympus TG-2

olympus tg-2

I really felt terrible the day I stupidly lost my Olympus TG-1 camera. Ever since, I have not bought a replacement due to financial constraints. I’m just using a borrowed low-tech cam from my sister. I love the TG series of Olympus so much that even if I lost a TG-1, I’d still want to have the same unit or it’s upgrade. That’s how awesome this camera is, not to mention how it could rock your world when you take underwater photos with it. I miss my cam and I miss practicing taking shots underwater. I really wish I’d get to own an Olympus TG-2 soon.

All-Expense Paid Trip to Boracay for my Parents


Ever since my dad went to Boracay due to work a couple of years back, he has since talked about wanting to bring my mom there so that she can also bask in the pristine clear waters of Boracay. However, work, time and money got in the way. And it has been one of our dreams too to travel together as a family and enjoy a vacation in Boracay.

A Notebook like the Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touchlaptop

I’m currently using a Lenovo G460, a 3-yr old laptop. But with the problems I’m discovering with this gadget each day, I believe it’s high time to upgrade. I couldn’t actually use Windows Movie Maker on my laptop because it gives me an error message after I reformatted it a year ago. I think it has something to do with an outdated hardware. The Bluetooth function quit working too and my wifi port stops working every now and then. Getting an ultrabook laptop would be a breather for my back when travelling as it is lightweight.

Suunto D4i

suunto d4i

For those who doesn’t know, I’m an aspiring mermaid. ehehehe. Freediving is what keeps me busy when I’m not on the road travelling. However, to freedive properly, one of the things I need is a freediving watch that will help me gauge my depth. Sometimes, I don’t push my limits in freediving because of the lack of information that would tell me how deep I am underwater. With a freediving watch like the Suunto D4i, it would really help a lot in improving my depth when freediving.

Sony NEX-7sony nex-7

As much as I’d want to own an underwater cam that could help me take photos of up to 50 feet below the water surface, I would also love to take wonderful photos using a powerful camera like the Sony NEX-7. I wouldn’t mind getting a DSLR too or any other entry-level mirrorless cameras. But if given the chance to be asked by Santa on what I’d want for Christmas, this would be on top of my list, followed by the Android Mobile Phone. 🙂

Pocket Money for My Batanes Trip on February 2014

Batanes has been on top of my dream destinations in the Philippines. The trip going there is quite expensive and it was such a relief to discover cheap promo fares that will take me there next year. Together with a group of travel blogger friends, we travel to Batanes next year. But because of pre-booked flights to other places I made prior to my trip to my dream destination, I’ll be needing a miracle to get through with all of those travel plans. So I am also wishing for money to land on my doorstep to help me realize my dream of travelling to Batanes. There’s also a donation button at the top right side of this site and I would really appreciate it if you can shell out a few cents out of your pocket. 😉


So there  you have it. Those are my Christmas wishlists. They remain to be wishes for now as I don’t have the means to acquire them all. I’d like to hope that on one of these days, a box will fall from the sky containing any one of those items listed above.

By the way, Melo of is having this Christmas Wishlist Online Contest. Why don’t you join and who knows, you’d be one of the lucky winners of his contest. I’m hoping I’d win his Ninetology Pearl Mini Android Mobile Phone giveaway, actually. 😉

merry christmasHave a Merry Christmas you guys and keep on travelling! 😀


  1. i forgot the freediving fin bag! i think i need a new mobile phone too. preha ta, i want a pink suunto!

    hope you’ll get a new cam 😛

  2. I like majority of those items in your Christmas wish list. 😀
    I also want to have a new laptop and an all-expense paid trip to Boracay, and to Singapore.


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